Urban Lighting

    Lighting up landmarks and public spaces

    Light up your city or town with urban lighting solutions from Signify, helping to make it a better place to live and work, inspire civic pride, attract visitors and improve public safety.


    From best-in-class energy efficient LED lighting to help you reduce running costs and meet your sustainability targets, to dynamic and colourful architectural lighting to create vibrant and unique visual experiences – we’ve got you covered.

    Lighting up landmarks and public spaces

    Not to mention the ability to easily manage and control lighting across locations and assets using our connected lighting software and system architecture.  This makes it easy to trigger engaging light shows from anywhere, and to monitor, measure and analyse the impact on people.


    Read on for more information about our products and learn how some of our existing customers are using our urban lighting solutions to light up their public spaces and landmarks.


    If you’d like to discuss the possibilities for your town, city or landmark please get in touch.

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    Our global brand in professional and consumer lighting
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    Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems
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    Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems
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    The world’s finest lighting control system

    Discover LED outdoor lighting


    From parks and plazas to walkways and waterfronts, outdoor areas are essential community spaces. The right lighting can turn them into unique visual experiences, as well as helping to improve public safety. With LED lighting from Philips, create outdoor spaces that boost tourism and economic development, while saving energy and reducing your environmental impact.


    Visit the Philips lighting site

    Discover dynamic architectural lighting


    Create inspiring visual experiences at the landmarks and public spaces of your town or city, by combining Philips luminaires with dynamic, colourful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics.  Learn how you can breathe new life into landmarks and municipal spaces – historic and modern – with innovative uses of LED light.


    Visit the Color Kinetics site

    Discover connected architectural lighting


    Connected lighting software from Interact Landmark brings the power of IoT to architectural lighting. We make it easy to remotely programme, monitor, manage or change the dynamic lighting of your bridge, monument or building facade using an intuitive content app.  Learn how you can light up the spirit of your city with the power of data.


    Visit the Interact site

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