For professionals

    For professionals

    Professional lighting products

    Signify provides high-quality, energy-efficient lamps, luminaires and lighting electronics. We’re supporting our customers in the transition from conventional to LED and connected lighting with the design and quality they expect from the world’s leading professional lighting brands.


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    Professional lighting systems

    When light is connected it makes cities smarter and helping municipalities to save energy, reduce operational costs and keep their citizens safer. We make offices better places to work, while enabling businesses to be more efficient and improving employee performance. And in shops and stores we’re helping retailers to boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

    Interact is our IoT platform that enables connected lighting systems and software capabilities to bring both lighting and value -added IoT related applications to our customers. Interact APIs enables us to integrate connected lighting with other management systems and offer data-enabled services.

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    Professional lighting services

    Signify’s lighting services take care of your lighting, so you can take care of your business.

    We tailor services to you: Professional Services to ensure the best lighting for your needs; Life Cycle Services to extend the life of your investment; and Managed Services where we design, build, manage and operate.

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    Signify Partner Programme

    Signify brings together the best lighting brands in the world. And, through the Signify Partner Programme, we want to bring together the best partners.

    The programme is all about collaboration between world-class partners to achieve the very best. And then striving to make it even better. Together we build the future of connected lighting.

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    Signify Pioneers of Light

    Welcome to Pioneers of Light, Signify global hub for architects, lighting designers and engineers. Here, you’ll find the latest ground-breaking lighting projects, events, training and tools to help you use lighting to create brighter lives and a better world.

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    Signify Lighting Academy


    Signify Lighting Academy offers a comprehensive range of educational resources, such as webinars, online courses and publications to empower your lighting knowledge. The educational lighting materials are provided by world-class lighting experts and professionals. Self-learning has never been easier than it is now. Be brighter by the day!

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    MultiOne has gone Mobile

    A simple tool to configure drivers in the field. To support the worldwide available range of SimpleSet drivers, which can be configured via NFC, Signify introduces a simple tool to finetune luminaires’ settings – MultiOne Mobile. Covering the entire process from installation, maintenance and in-field configurations, MultiOne Mobile provides the opportunity for OEMs to increase the flexibility of luminaires in own application areas. As well as for installers to apply last minute changes on light output, dimming schemes and generate reports for complete traceability.


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