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    Ledinaire Floodlight
    Discover our high-quality Ledinaire floodlights range! 
    Lighting guide
    Classroom lighting design guide
    Application guide
    Classroom 6-steps lighting application
    5 lighting trends
    The 5 key trends that are shaping the lighting industry
    The LED Lighting Revolution Booklet

    Signify UK statement on the upcoming RoHS regulation


    Ultraefficiency LED
    Switch to LED! 5 arguments to help your customers to switch and save
    Ultraefficiency LED
    Learn how to easily select the right LED tube
    Ultraefficiency LED
    Ultra efficiency LED: how to reduce energy bills by up to 60%
    Jeroen Thijs
    Find out the developments and opportunities in the LED market
    HID vs LED
    Stay up to date on SLR, RoHS and the new regulations that are changing the rules
    LED tube
    Discover with this guide how to quickly install a LED tube
    Boost your business thanks to sustainable products
    EU Regulation
    Ever wonder what’s more convenient: HID or LED?
    HID vs LED
    Stay on top of lighting regulations: SLR, RoHS, Energy labelling…

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    Check out these videos from eFIXX - a leading multi-channel media platform for professionals working in the electrical industry, where they explore some of our products and show you how to get the most from them.
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    Fast and Easy Energy Savings with Philips LED Tubes
    Efixx QR Code
    How can a QR code make lighting maintenance easier

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    Trainings and certifications


    Access our Signify Lighting Academy to take the trainings that are relevant for your work and get certified.


    Your first step into smart lighting

    Simple, wireless and scalable. Discover how to make your lighting smart in a simple and cost-effective way. All you need is smart lighting products and an app.


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    Disinfecting air and surfaces using the power of UV-C light


    UV-C lighting inactivates viruses and bacteria, contributing to a safer indoor environment in for example workplaces, schools, restaurants and shops. Learn more about UV-C disinfection, how it works, applications and available products.


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    How to change from conventional lighting to LED


    As legislation is forbidding more and more types of conventional lighting, learn more about alternatives and the handy tools that are available to find the best LED replacement product.


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    Explore Philips Coreline, innovative lighting for every project where light really matters


    The range of high-quality and easy-to-install LED luminaires that make a difference in the market. Because when light really matters, nothing should be left to chance.


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