Purley Bury scores an ace with LED makeover


    May 7, 2021


    Upgraded lighting at South London tennis club creates optimal conditions for performance, while minimizing power consumption and light pollution


    From preserving night sky conditions for astronomers to protecting the habitats of bats, Signify’s lighting solutions are continually used in innovative ways to deliver performance, while protecting the surrounding environment.

    As one of London’s longest-running tennis clubs, Purley Bury Tennis Club’s tranquil location is part of its charm. Tucked away in a leafy area, next to the bowling green and close to a golf course, it’s a valuable oasis of peace and leisure in the bustle of South London. And while a premium sporting facility needs the right facilities to match its members’ aspirations, the club also takes care to maintain its grounds in-keeping with the area’s residential appeal.

    A tennis club’s winning ambition

    When the time came to upgrade the club’s lighting, there were multiple considerations at play. With its thriving competitive and social programs for adults and juniors, Purley Bury’s players need the benefits of the right Lux levels on the court, both to improve their play, and to comply with minimum performance criteria set by the UK’s governing body for tennis, the Lawn Tennis Association.

    We always want to offer the highest standard in facilities, so players can focus on what matters: their game"

    “Purley Bury Tennis Club draws in players of all levels to learn and compete – and we always want to offer the highest standard in facilities, so players can focus on what matters: their game,” explains Andrew Gunn, the club’s project lead.

    With its quiet residential situation, it was important for the club to minimize light spill and keep the area pleasant for neighbors. And as a responsible 21st century sporting organization, sustainability was also a factor.
    Purley Bury Tennis Club players

    LED lighting for sport: a net benefit

    The answer was a joint project, pooling the specialist expertise of sport and area floodlighting professionals SurfaceLux and sports facility planning consultancy Sports Facility Planning and Design Ltd.

    The team used cutting-edge 3D modelling to map out an installation of Philips OptiVision LED and Philips ClearFlood luminaires for a precise result. The low tilt angles of the flood lights (0 or -1 degree) allowed the luminaires to be mounted higher and programmed with greater Lux for perfect visibility on the courts.

    The success of the installation is in part due to its flexibility. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the system can be tuned for the exact number of lumens needed for each application.

    At the same time, the Philips OptiVision LED floodlights allow precise light distribution, focusing lighting where needed and allowing for a higher placement for improved visibility, while at the same time minimizing disruption to local residents.

    Purley Bury Tennis Club electricity consumption

    On and off-court performance gains

    An important benefit of LED is that it frequently offers a significant reduction in electricity consumption. At Purley Bury Tennis Club, a power saving arrangement has reduced the number of fittings by eight, while improving performance. The remaining 22 lights have an electricity consumption that’s lower by almost half. Overall, the club enjoys a 60% reduction in power consumption. It’s cleaner, greener and, of course, less expensive, allowing the club to use its budget on further renovations for its members.

    Overall, the club enjoys a 60% reduction in power consumption"

    “We have the privilege of being in a fantastic location with close links to the community, so we’re keen for any renovations to be mindful of our neighbors and minimize light pollution,” adds Andrew Gunn. “The LED solution Signify provided was integral to achieving this, giving us the flexibility in use while remaining incredibly energy efficient.”

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    Andrew Poplett

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