Digitalization solutions with digital connected LED lighting 

    Digital business solutions to achieve climate neutrality


    Although they cover less than 2% of the earth’s surface, cities consume 78% of the world's energy and produce more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. With urbanization rapidly increasing, the only path to achieving climate neutrality is to make cities greener and smarter. The good news is that green digital solutions—from smart building systems to digital twins to AI and IoT and beyond—can achieve results in nearly every sector of the economy while simultaneously improving people’s safety and well-being. 

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    What Signify’s Green Switch can do

    Digitalization of the lighting infrastructure is one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways of decarbonizing the built environment. 


    LED-based Interact connected lighting systems from Signify can reduce the energy needs of city and building lighting by up to 80%, potentially decreasing carbon emissions by 50 million tons per year in the EU27 countries alone.


    But that’s just a start. The watchword for achieving the decarbonization potential of green digital solutions is ecosystem. Interact connected lighting systems establish an open digital platform on which you can build applications such as presence detection and air quality monitoring, share commands and sensor data with other digitalized services, and deliver IoT and other advanced capabilities for achieving climate goals wherever lighting is deployed. The digital connected lighting infrastructure can also host new communications technologies such as Li-Fi—a game changing capability that delivers high-speed connectivity through LED light itself.


    In addition, BrightSites smart poles from Signify offer an end-to-end solution that cities can use to form a high- bandwidth wireless network. A network including smart poles, digital kiosks, and gigabit-enabled luminaires can densify communications networks and host digital assets, such as sensors and cameras, and other services.


    For citizens, the tangible benefits are many. For example, connectivity is proven to improve citizen safety and security while helping to bridge the digital divide. This is especially valuable in areas with poor or restricted connectivity, providing long underserved citizens with the digital access they deserve. 

    Digital transformation solutions

    Green Switch lights Tampere's path to connectivity


    By making the Green Switch, the city of Tampere in Finland announced itself as a budding sustainable, connected city of the future— breaching the city's digital divide, streamlining city services, and enhancing the lives of citizens with BrightSites by Signify.

    Signify brings connection to Stafford County, Virginia


    The Virginia Smart Community Testbed in the US recognized that digitalization was vital to future-proofing its county and community by offering the best in connection.

    Creating a smart city with streetlight data networks in the city of Mesa, Arizona


    Signify helped Mesa in Arizona transform its existing streetlight network into a platform for broadband connectivity. Embracing digitalization and transitioning to connected lighting has helped Mesa breach its digital divide and future-proof the city.

    The 5G Hub uses lighting to deploy 5G technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands


    As part of its Green Switch initiative, Signify and the 5G Hub built a 5G network in the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Signify's innovative BrightSites solution enabled 5G use cases and demonstrated digitalization's commercial use in dense urban areas.

    A connected hub in the center of London


    Westminster made the Green Switch, building an aesthetically unintrusive network of connectivity in the heart of the city through Signify's BrightSites solution.

    DHL Supply Chain: Smart lighting for the warehouse of the future


    Signify and DHL Supply Chain co-created a warehouse of the future, demonstrating how energy-efficient, connected LED lighting can rejuvenate a legacy property and providing a blueprint for how others can effectively digitalize the lighting in their logistics operations.

    Wireless connectivity through streetlights in Finland


    Signify and Edzcom use the City of Tampere's existing streetlight infrastructure to deliver wireless connectivity.

    Interact lighting delivers value beyond illumination


    In its commitment to energy transition and digital transformation, SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa turned to connected lighting.

    The lighting grid offers the opportunity for seamless 5G deployment


    BrightSites by Signify has launched a disruptive outdoor lighting solution that transforms communities and enterprises into digital highways of broadband connectivity.

    The connected warehouse is digital


    Scalable lighting systems like connected lighting let warehouse operators begin the vital transformation to digital in a way that’s both practical and fiscally viable.

    The connected warehouse is sustainable


    Making the change to LED and embracing a smart, connected lighting system is a simple solution for warehouses looking to embrace sustainability.

    Going beyond illumination


    Cities already possess city-wide networks. By taking advantage of them, they can become safe, smart, sustainable, fully digitized metropolises.

    The connected office is sustainable


    Smart, scalable office systems don't just offer the benefit of flexibility, being able to shift and grow as organizational needs alter, they also make offices more sustainable today.

    How to build the optimal workspace


    Signify is supporting EDGE in building workspaces that make a difference, utilising smart lighting to build a sustainable environment that enhances productivity and well-being.

    We’d love to help you flip the Green Switch

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    • Renovation wave

      Renovation wave

      With energy savings of up to 80% and the potential to save 100 megatons of GHG emissions per year, LED and connected lighting is a quick and easy win for sustainable renovation, smart cities, and building the digital infrastructure that a carbon-neutral economy requires.

    • Circular economy

      Circular economy

      The circular economy has everything to do with sustainable consumption, reuse, and eliminating waste. Signify’s recyclable 3D-printed luminaires cut the carbon footprint for lighting in half. Circular streetlights reduce maintenance costs by 60%, with zero waste to landfill. And Light-as-a-Service approaches promote sustainability along the entire lighting lifecycle.

    • Clean energy

      Clean energy

      Harness the power of sunlight with hybrid and solar street lighting. Minimize emissions, build a citywide digital infrastructure, and scale up the use of renewables in your municipality. Use the energy savings to support integrated initiatives, such as powering electric vehicles.