Supporting clean mobility with connected streets light

    Decarbonizing the transport sector


    To reach the Green Deal’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050, the transport sector must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. But not all transport means are equal: cars and trucks are major emitters (72% of all transport-related greenhouse gas emissions), while rail (0.5%) is not. Consequently, radically decarbonizing road transportation is a major goal of the Green Deal.

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    What Signify's Green Switch can do

    Imagine a Europe with a million charging stations for EVs: such is the Green Deal’s vision, to be realized as early as 2025. Connected LED street lighting can help with charge points built directly into light poles. Electricity savings from both LED street lighting and smart buildings can balance the increased electrical load, keeping costs low and avoiding the need for additional power generation.

    Green transportation initiatives

    European Green Deal: a tipping point for good


    Choosing sustainability does not mean sacrifice, it actually drives progress.

    Renovation and transport electrification help deliver Paris goals


    Electric vehicles are a key component for the EU to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

    Building renovation speeds up EV revolution


    How can building renovations throughout the EU help speed up the electric vehicle revolution?

    Buildings can pave the way for EV revolution


    Installing one million electric vehicle charging stations will cut carbon emissions and contribute to a greener EU.

    The changing role of the humble lamp post


    The humble street lamp post of old has evolved. Explore the potential of smart, connected street lighting and how it can play a part in digitalizing cities to make them safer, connected and more sustainable.

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    • Biodiversity


      A farm-to-fork approach helps to preserve the world’s food supply. LED grow lights boost crop quality and yield with up to half the energy consumption. Lighting designed for vertical farming near cities reduces the carbon and water use, and reduces food miles, while aquaculture lighting increases yield, improves feed conversion and improves animal welfare.

    • Renovation wave

      Renovation wave

      With energy savings of up to 80% and the potential to save 100 megatons of GHG emissions per year, LED and connected lighting is a quick and easy win for sustainable renovation, smart cities, and building the digital infrastructure that a carbon-neutral economy requires.

    • Clean energy

      Clean energy

      Harness the power of sunlight with hybrid and solar street lighting. Minimize emissions, build a citywide digital infrastructure, and scale up the use of renewables in your municipality. Use the energy savings to support integrated initiatives, such as powering electric vehicles.