WiZ enables its products with new motion detection technology

    September 16, 2022

    Signify brings to light SpaceSense for the WiZ system, a motion detection technology never-seen-before in the consumer lighting industry, the new WiZ app, along with new products.


    • Discover SpaceSense, a new way to automate your lights using Wi-Fi sensing technology
    • Let lights enrich your daily life with thoughtful features bundled in the new WiZ app V2
    • Brighten your garden with colors with WiZ’s new outdoor String Light


    Guildford, UK. Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, introduces a new app, features and products for its WiZ smart lighting system to enhance users’ daily convenience. WiZ allows everyone to unlock a more comfortable, caring and joyful home thanks to its surprisingly thoughtful ecosystem, which is getting even smarter with the new app, the breakthrough feature SpaceSense and fun new products. The new WiZ app V2 and the SpaceSense feature are available from end of September 2022.

    Lights that work like magic


    For the first time since its launch in 2016, the WiZ system is revamping its app. The WiZ app is at the core of the WiZ ecosystem, functioning as the enabler of all features in products. With it comes SpaceSense, a never-seen-before innovation in the consumer lighting industry developed by WiZ. This breakthrough feature is based on Wi-Fi sensing technology. It takes home automation to a new level by using Wi-Fi signals that are already present in the room to detect motion – without the need of dedicated sensors and batteries. Wi-Fi signals are slightly disturbed when people move around in a room, like a ripple in a swimming pool. By measuring the small deviations in signal strength caused by those disturbances, the WiZ lights can determine if there is an object moving in the room. The detection is omnidirectional and doesn't require line of sight during installation, like in the case for a traditional motion sensor based on passive InfraRed (PIR) technology. SpaceSensewill automagically illuminate your rooms, turning the light on when you enter and off when no motion is detected anymore. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted, for example, to prevent your pets from turning the lights on and off while running in and out of the room. You simply need to install at least two lights per room and connect them with the WiZ app V2. Once SpaceSenseis set up, you can enjoy the comfort of smart lighting without any hassle.

    At WiZ, we are on a mission to make smart lighting more accessible and meaningful in daily life. A ground-breaking feature like SpaceSense is yet another major step in bringing this mission to life.”


    Danny Lousberg
    Head of Software Product Management of WiZ

    For many users the need for extra hardware to enable motion detection in their system felt complex, expensive and cumbersome. Now, for the first time ever, SpaceSense takes those hurdles away, opening up automations and other smart lighting advanced benefits to everyone.


    Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to the WiZ smart lighting system. SpaceSense detects motion by the ripple in Wi-Fi waves created by the user's motion. It does not detect people’s exact location nor does it recognise faces. All the detection data is processed locally without going to the Internet or Cloud service. This feature is completely opt-in so all WiZ users can decide themselves whether they would like to make use of it or not. SpaceSensecan be enabled for most new products introduced after September 2021 and all Connected by WiZ products – including WiZ brand, Philips Smart LED and other OEM and private label brands.

    Take lighting into your own hands


    Next to SpaceSense, the WiZ app V2 is full of other surprises and offers exciting new features. The brand-new user interface makes for an even more intuitive experience to make people's everyday life easier. Everything is thought through to offer lighting that responds and adapts to your need.


    The new WiZ app V2 was designed for increased control and to make actions as simple as possible: less taps to achieve your intended action; less visual clutter; and smoother interactions. It brings simple room control down to just one tap. It gives you an overview of all your rooms in the Home screen, so you can immediately see whether the lights are on, their level of brightness and the modes used. Just a simple slide of your finger across the room tile can tailor the ambiance to your mood, adjust the brightness or allow you to see groups of devices – it’s quick and smooth.


    The Quick action feature is here to make your lighting control faster and specific to your needs, enabling you to have your own, personalised lighting quick action in the new app. Turn on your bedside lamp for reading time, cosy lights in the dining room for dinner or party lights when you’re in a dancing mood. Adjust the whole room with just one tap! You can create your own quick actions targeting multiple lights, the way you prefer and independently from other users in your home.


    The Light Scene management feature lets your creativity come to life by creating a Scene for a room. With this new feature you can take a snapshot of the current state of the room, tweak light settings as desired, choose which device is affected and name the Scene. Then just call out different Scenes within the app or with Siri voice control and you have an instant change in atmosphere.


    Same as the current WiZ App, the new WiZ app V2 is the core of the WiZ ecosystem. All WiZ and Connected by WiZ products that have ever been manufactured are compatible with the WiZ app V2.

    A more comfortable, caring and joyful home


    To make it easier for users to enjoy the WiZ experience everywhere in their home, WiZ continuously expand its portfolio with new types of lamps and luminaires.


    WiZ is moving outside of the home, with its first outdoor luminaire, the multicolor String Light. Light up your garden or balcony in just a month from now with 16 million color options, and of course in time for the holidays! Completely waterproof and weatherproof, the String Light offers white and color lights so you can now beautify the outside as much as the inside of your home for every season. If you are all about a relaxed evening in the garden after a long day, reading or chatting with your family, the warm white light will give you the intimate feeling you are after. With the Dynamic light mode, you can personalise your festive lighting and the 12 LED bulbs will randomly light up multiple colors based on the chosen light mode. An easy way to create the perfect atmosphere for you to gather with your family and friends, whether it’s a party, Halloween or Christmas!


    Signify recently unveiled a range of smart lights that are Connected by WiZ that offer smart lighting enthusiasts’ greater comfort for daily convenience. Read the press release here



    • WiZ app V2 (From end of September 2022 globally)
    • SpaceSense (From end of September 2022 globally)
    • WiZ Outdoor String Light (From October 2022 in Europe and North America)
      • RRP: £109.99

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