Signify is awarded as a supplier on the NHS Environmental Decontamination Framework


    April 26th, 2022


    The NHS Supply Chain Environmental Decontamination Framework is now live, and Signify has been awarded as a supplier to the framework for UV-C and disinfection solutions.


    Even though restrictions are now lifted, and we are getting back to some sort of “normality”, there is still something holding us back. There is still a fear of becoming infected and the impact that this has on us a individuals, our family & friends, our patients and colleagues, and, the businesses that we work for. There is also the fear of the unknown, and what will the next virus might be, and how will this affect us. As cases COVID -19 cases continue to rise in the UK every day, we must take action to prevent infection and transmission, and to protect us from whatever the future may hold.


    In the healthcare sector, infection prevention and control is of paramount importance, especially in hospitals and care facilities. The elimination of infection risk, whether to patients or health care professionals, has always been the highest priority, which has become even more crucial since the pandemic. Owing to the heightened need for a stronger Infection control strategy, to keep these harmful viruses at bay, the NHS supple chain has recently announced the Enviromental Decontamination Framework. 


    About the framework


    This framework offers hospitals and trusts one easy central location to access several solutions & services that can offer improved infection control & disinfection within their estates.  It includes a selection of products that can clean the air & surfaces within any given healthcare space. The UV-C based products on offer from Signify have been widely used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications including Offices, Schools, Retail stores, Sports & leisure facilities, even equestrian centres, and now this framework enables these product to be adopted into the most critical of sector of them all , the healthcare sector. Signify have already have a long  & proven track record of serving the healthcare sector and have already deployed some UV-C solution into UK NHS hospitals /trusts


    Signify has been awarded as a supplier to the framework under two lots: UV-C Machines (surface disinfection) and Air Purification Systems (Air disinfection) and this award is testimony to the effectiveness of our technology, the robustness & quality of our solutions and credibility our brand brings to this critical topic. The framework is effective till March 27th 2024.

    UV-C Hospital

    It’s great to see this framework in place for the most crucial sectors, healthcare to help further bolster infection prevention and control strategies, and we are thrilled to be awarded as a supplier for our UV-C machines and Air Purification Systems."


    Clark Morrow

    End User Marketeer - UK&I

    "With growing insights that the amount of virus in the air will build up in poorly ventilated rooms, the need for a safe, healthy, and ventilated environment becomes even more crucial. The effectiveness of UV-C on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19,  and other viruses &  bacteria, has been validated through multiple independent tests & studies. Our UV-C and air disinfection solutions offer the highest effectiveness for reducing the spread of airborne viruses & infections in healthcare facilities. I am sure there are exciting opportunities for this impactful UV-C disinfection technology. To help protect our future." - Clark Morrow, End User Marketeer - UK&I


    The framework is put in place by a specialised project delivery team to offer practical and commercial knowledge, guidance & selection to guide the client to the right products. The suppliers were chosen following a stringent process and based on close evaluation on several parameters to ensure the products and solutions can meet the individual needs of hospitals and trusts. Using this framework is not compulsory, however its use as a source of internal assurance will help support organisations to maintain the highest health, safety & quality standards.


    Learn more about how Signify’s UV-C disinfection solutions can provide an added layer of protection from bacteria and pathogens including the virus causing COVID-19:

    About the author:

    Clark Morrow

    Clark Morrow


    End User Marketeer, Signify UK&I

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