Overvinn mørket – Philips lanserer en ny serie verkstedlamper

    oktober 10, 2014

    Aachen, Germany - Philips has expanded and further developed its newest generation of professional LED workshop lights. Thanks to Philips own LED technology the new Philips lamps provide an even stronger beam for a bright working environment. In addition to the already outstanding brightness, Philips has also focused on improving the usability of the lamps. With the new features working with both hands or independently from a fixed power source is no longer an issue.

    To see how the new workshop lamps would hold up in real world applications Philips has equipped a handful of mechanics with the lamps to test them out on one of the most challenging rallies: The Libya Rally 2014. 150 competitors, 10 days and over 2,000 kilometes across the desert – and those are just the raw facts of the race. Alongside exhausting duels between the drivers, success or failure primarily depends on the skills of the mechanics. They work through the night while the race drivers rest up. But in order for their work to be successful, they require professional lighting.

    Most professional mechanics at the Libya Rally usually use wide halogen beam spots that illuminate a wide area but miss a concentrated beam to highlight the work area and are prone to failures. The mechanics that had the chance to test Philips’ new workshop lamps praised the flexibility the lamps gave them when working on a specific, hard to reach area thanks to the magnetic attachments and the ability to work away from a power socket. Also the ruggedness off the lamps stood above question as there was not a single failures in spite of the typical harsh environment of a desert rally.

    The highlights of the new Range of Philips Workshop lamps:


    Penlight Premium Gold is the product highlight to celebrate 100 years of Philips vehicle lighting. To mark this anniversary, it will be released as a limited edition product in a particularly elegant design. This handy light is distinguished by its compact design, providing optimal visibility, even in inaccessible spots, with 120 lumens and light distribution at an 80 degree angle. The additional, powerful focus light for delicate work has a beam of 90 lumens.


    The Multidirectional Lighting System (MDLS) is a complete solution for professional requirements, and the new generation model has proven to be even more powerful. The MDLS consists of three independent LED modules, which can be placed in any spot thanks to the practical 300 degree rotating head and a tiltable 120 degree lens. Each module of the MDLS is covered by a robust protective casing and, owing to its high performance LUXEON Rebel LEDs, offers two lighting modes: all three modules combined generate a light flux of 360 lumens, and up to 750 lumens in the boost mode. This light in the workplace is ideal for longer inspections or repair work requiring optimal visual conditions and work with both hands. The simultaneous usage of all three modules creates a work environment free from shade, thus guaranteeing optimal efficiency. The striking colour scheme of the light modules makes it very easy to find in the garage, and very unlikely to be lost. The MDLS is delivered in a case in which the modules can be stored, transported and charged.


    The compact, rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp RCH 10 is ideal for both quick and more time-consuming repair work. It enables shade-free work with its powerful light beam of 150 lumens. With the 360 degree rotating hook, it can be suspended in any place for jobs that need both hands.


    The multifunctional LED Inspection Lamp CBL 40 is one of the greatest innovations in the workshop light sector and the first of its kind on the market. It provides the convenience of a cable lamp and the usability of a 330 lumens rechargeable light. With an ultra-flat design and a focus light with 90 lumens, it has various uses in the engine compartment. Even after two hours without a cable, the lamp still provides a full power beam, , thanks to the intelligent backup battery.


    The LED Engine Bonnet Light CBL 50 is a veritable illuminating miracle. Even with its ultra-thin design, it still offers a light output of 900 lumens. Thanks to the adjustable telescopic feature, it can be extended from 1.2 to 1.7 metres. The engine compartment cannot get any brighter.


    For further information, please contact:

    Martin Rapp, Försäljningschef Philips Automotive Sverige &Norge
    Tlf.: +46 708 322 674 

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