Take care of your eyes with the new Philips EyeCare Desk Light Collection

    A new range of high quality luminaires designed for eye comfort and care

    helmikuu 6, 2014

    Kontich, Belgium – Philips introduces the new EyeCare Desk Lights Collection, a new range of desktop lights designed to give you Optimal Eye Comfort as you read or work. Using the highest quality LED light, the Philips EyeCare Collection reduces glare, eyestrain & fatigue, without compromising on light quality. Each model is intelligently designed to make everyday tasks easier, safer and more efficient – counteracting the effects of screen-based living.



        Vision is our most important sense as it accounts for 83% of the information we receive from the world around us, so it goes without saying that it is important to take good care of them, especially as daily life places more demand than ever on our vision. Watching bigscreen TVs, enjoying gaming devices, and reliance on tablets & smartphones all make looking after eyes more important than ever. The Philips EyeCare Desk Lights were developed to replicate the effect of cool daylight to enhance focus and concentration as your read and work whilst using an optimal light recipe to create the best possible lighting condition.

    The Philips EyeCare Desk Lights Collection cares for eyes thanks to quality LED light that reduces glare, creating the right level of illumination to prevent unnecessary eye strain. The customized optics ensure light is evenly distributed spread and fully directed to the reading area, eliminating light that shines directly into eyes for a more comfortable reading experience. The result is less eye strain, less eye fatigue and more ease on eyes


    With different tasks calling for different light intensities, the Philips EyeCare Desk Lights allow you to adjust the brightness to find the ideal lighting for you and for the task at hand, whether it’s reading your favorite book at bedtime or finishing that all important work report.


    Andreas Bahnsen of Philips Lighting says: “At Philips, we’ve done a lot of research that proves the positive impact better lighting has on concentration and performance, so we especially bring to market a collection of desk lamps that provides ‘optimal eye comfort and helps you stay focused’. By protecting eyes from unwanted glare and discomfort, you can counteract the strain screen-reliance places on vision, and focus better – whether you’re studying, working or simply enjoying leisurely time.”

    The Collection’s slick design makes it look perfect on any desk or work surface. Available in six stylish designs, the ‘Robot’, ‘Mallet’, ‘Pivot’, ‘Spoon’, ‘Blade’ and ‘Lamina’ desk lamps each deliver care and comfort for  your eyes in everyday life.


    Philips EyeCare Desk Lights features:


    Optimal Eye Comfort
    • Designed to reduce glare, & eyestrain
    • Special optics for even light distribution
    • Choose your brightness for optimal eye comfort*


    Help to stay focused
    • Cool daylight ideal for focus and concentration


    Create Ideal Light Setting
    • Ultimate adjustment with Gradual touch dimming*


    Ergonomic design
    • Extended reach for maximum reading comfort
    • Built-in USB port for charging devices*

    (*Available on specific products only)


    Recommended Retail Price: from €116

    For further information, please contact:

    Name: Lena Segerdahl
    Sector / department: Philips Consumer Lighting
    Tel: +46 70 817 70 34

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