Philips launches Dynalite lighting control solutions in the Philippines

    July 18, 2013

    Manila, Philippines – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) recently introduced its Philips Dynalite lighting control solutions in the Philippines, adding a wide range of smart home, energy management and architectural lighting control applications to its portfolio.


    Philips Dynalite is the lighting controls solution of choice as it offers a fully-integrated interactive user interface to help industry partners and professionals transform environments while offering building and lighting efficiency, facility optimization, and user-responsive ambient lighting.


    Through Philips’ Dynalite lighting solutions, hospitality, retail, residential and architectural design can be customized to be more adaptive and responsive to the lighting needs and requirements of their occupants.


    “While the Philippines continues to make the green switch towards energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, there are still many areas where the use of intelligent and fully-integrated controls can further improve lighting efficacy,” said Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, Country Manager of Philips in the Philippines. “With the new Philips Dynalite solutions, we can further demonstrate how to effectively fuse functionality with aesthetics to make buildings, spaces, and areas even more dynamic and interactive with light.”


    Philips Dynalite offers an intelligent and cutting-edge lighting control system that automatically turns the lights on or off, and controls the right amount of light in a space based on prevailing environmental conditions. It also tracks the amount of daylight available, time of day, weather condition, temperature, humidity, and other factors. Within the Philips Dynalite system, users can select their ideal brightness and illumination through the preset dimming curves, enabling each bulb to provide the precise output for any given situation, environmental condition, or occupant disposition.


    “Our deep knowledge of lighting and corresponding applications, combined with technology, has resulted in solutions that benefit all the industries we participate in. We are helping people enhance their lives with light wherever, whenever, and however they like,” explained Tetteroo-Bueno.


    Philips Dynalite likewise places the control of spatial and ambient lighting at the fingertips of its users, giving them the power to transform environments. Philips expects that its Dynalite range will make a positive impact on people’s lives, with its unique and interactive features.


    The Philips Dynalite range includes the Antumbra network control panel, which uses the innovative field effects technology to enable the panel to automatically detect a person’s presence. This triggers the panel to “wake up” to create a wall-wash lighting effect and reveal the button indicators that welcomes the person, and invites him/her to interact with the panel.


    While the Antumbra panel is aimed primarily at the high-end residential and hospitality markets, it is regarded as Philips Dynalite’s most cost-effective lighting panel, given the incredible range of features built into it. The Philips Dynalite Antumbra will appeal to project managers, end-users and specifiers who traditionally think that intelligent control systems are too expensive.


    Philips Dynalite lighting control solutions were launched through an event held in Taguig City.

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