New Philips DayLight car lighting solutions offer motorists maximum visibility and premium design

    September 16, 2010

    Frankfurt, Germany - Philips today introduced two new versions of its Daytime Running Light – LED DayLight 4 and LED DayLight 8 – at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt.


    People today are spending more time on the road and therefore safety, style and energy-efficiency are becoming key concerns for them. To increase road safety, the European Commission decided that all new car models have to be equipped with dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) from 2011 onwards.


    Philips DayLight range offers DRL solutions for cars already on the road, and enables drivers to benefit from the safety of DRL right now. Philips DayLight modules automatically switch on when the engine starts. They substantially increase the visibility of the car to other road users and pedestrians, and have a low energy consumption compared to existing halogen headlamps. In countries where the DRL is already mandatory - such as the Scandinavian countries - the experiences in the field of road safety are very positive.  

    Philips’ new DRLs – LED DayLight 4 and LED DayLight 8 – ensure an improvement of the cars visibility to oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, making the driver feel safer and more relaxed, which increases the safety of all road users.


    LED DayLight 4 insures high visibility for safer daytime driving, while the innovative LED DayLight 8 offers motorists maximum visibility and premium design. Moreover, these energy-efficient solutions are the slimmest DRL modules on the market and very easy to install. 


    LED DayLight 4

    LED DayLight 4 insures that during the day cars can be seen better and earlier by motorists in oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, increasing road safety all round.


    For visibility, even during daytime, a lot of people drive with their car lights on.  What they often don’t like is to replace their light bulbs too often. LED DayLight 4 enables motorists to switch from halogen to a LED light source during the daytime and therefore avoid using standard halogen lamps. Cutting back on the use of standard halogen lamps reduces (night-time) their lamp failures and frequent replacements. LED DayLight 4 also enables CO2 savings of 5.5 g per km, while its lifetime of more than 5,000 hours reduces the need for maintenance.


    Feeling safe on the road
    Incorporating a high-power Philips Luxeon® LED and a high-efficiency reflector, LED DayLight 4 delivers a highly intense and wide beam. Consequently, cars fitted with LED DayLight 4 are much more visible to other road users.

    Easy to install

    The ultra-compact LED DayLight 4 is more than 50% smaller than most of the best products currently available on the market. Its smart clip-on system ensures easy and quick installation in most vehicles. LED DayLight 4 is designed in such a way it can be installed by non professionals. Once mounted, the lights switch on automatically.  


    LED DayLight 8

    LED DayLight 8 can stay on 24/7 thanks to its dimmable function, ensuring that fitted cars are visible at any time of the day or night. At the same time, it appeals to motorists who want to increase their safety while customizing their car with a stylish modern look. 


    François Darsy – Global product manager – stated “LED DayLight 8 also enables CO2 savings of 5.5 g per km. It lasts–more than 10,000 hours –- the lifetime of the car itself- eliminating the need for maintenance.


    Maximum safety
    Incorporating the latest generation of high-power Philips Luxeon® Rebel LEDs – as implemented by Daimler AG for use in DRL function on several vehicle models -    and state-of-the-art Total Internal Reflection technology, LED DayLight 8 delivers an extremely wide beam with maximum light intensity. Cars fitted with LED DayLight 8 can, therefore, be seen much more easily by other road users.

    A touch of style

    Design is an important factor in the consumer’s choice, especially when the car’s lights will always be on. LED DayLight 8 has a premium ultra-slim 8-dot-line design, which gives the lighting a highly distinctive appearance – setting the vehicle, and its owner, apart from the crowd.


    Easy installation

    The compact LED DayLight 8 is very easy to install. Because of the minimal depth of the lights they can be fully integrated into the car, while no extra space for the brackets is required. Its plug & play system make it easy to connect.

    For further information, please contact:

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