Sports Lighting

    Lighting up the world of sports

    Make your stadium or arena work for you and the fans, with sports lighting solutions from Signify. We have been lighting major sports venues around the world for the past 60 years and counting.


    From glare-free stadium floodlights that meet the highest broadcasting standards, to dynamic and colourful architectural lighting that can be used to create vibrant and immersive fan experiences – we’ve got you covered.

    Lighting up landmarks and public spaces

    Our sports lighting products and solutions are trusted by some of the biggest names in sports, and can help you to:


    • Attract sponsors through new unique advertisement opportunities
    • Entertain fans with customised light shows before, during and after the main event
    • Manage and control lighting across the entire venue (including the pitch, stadium façade and hospitality areas) via an easy-to-use system
    • Enable a flexible, multi-purpose venue that can host different types of events and create new business opportunities
    • Reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiencies


    Read on for more information about our products and learn how some of our existing customers are using our sports lighting solutions to maximise their stadiums and arenas.


    If you’d like to discuss the possibilities for your venue, please get in touch.

    Our brands

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    Our global brand in professional and consumer lighting
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    Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems
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    Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems
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    The original stage lighting technology brand
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    Bringing to life the visions of creative artists worldwide

    Discover LED sports lighting


    Give your venue an opportunity to shine. With ArenaVision LED lighting an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.


    Visit the Philips lighting site

    Discover dynamic sports lighting


    Illuminate your sports venue and create stunning visual experiences for your fans.  


    Find out how you can combine Philips luminaires with dynamic, colourful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics for a truly amazing impact.


    Visit the Color Kinetics site

    Discover connected sports lighting


    Smart stadiums and great fan experiences start with Interact Sports. Interact Sports works with Philips connected luminaires to help you manage the lighting across your entire venue – from the pitch and entertainment lighting, to the stadium façade and hospitality areas. Find out how to make your venue future-ready.


    Visit the Interact site