Future talent: an investment beyond the business

    Future talent: an investment beyond the business


    Hiring apprentices is a step in the right direction for any business when it comes to hiring new talent. As a firm believer in working with early career talent, it's heartening to see that many UK organisations actively include apprentices in their workforce. In fact, industry data suggests that participation in apprenticeships by those aged 19+ in 2021/22 was 613,900 – an increase of 3.3% on the 2020/21 figure of 594,400.


    But if you are one of the businesses wondering is apprentices are for you, then the answer is yes. Be it a large organisation or a small one, there is so much for you and you organisation to benefit from by making the investment in early career talents. Apprenticeships will support your business goals, culture goals and, also the economy for many years to come.


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    Why apprentices are the right choice for you


    A fresh view on situations

    Typically, apprentices tend to be of a younger age (but not essential), which means they may have a fresh perspective on approaches processes. Sometimes they may also ask questions that may push managers to re-think their decisions or way of doing things. From something as simple as social media tips to a fresh analytical approach to problem solving to a simple “why” on an approach taken – there are so many benefits apprentices can offer to a business! This could help in keeping up with technological advancements in your field and creating a culture of inclusivity.


    Improved retention rates

    Hiring an apprentice can also contribute to a reduced employee turnover. Studies indicate that upon completion of their apprenticeship, many employees tend to stay with the same employer. This is a benefit to businesses; organisations can nurture talent from the onset and train them to be invested in the business for long rather than look for options outside in the job market.


    Making an organisation more attractive to join

    At Signify, diversity and inclusion go beyond racial or gender diversity. We actively work towards including early career talents and ensuring they have an active role to play in the team they are part of. In the past, we have seen that having a healthy generational mix in the team, makes the organisation more attractive to work in as this gives a message on our commitment to having a progressive work culture. Therefore, hiring apprentices can address issues like shortages in skilled workers, whilst simultaneously diversifying your workforce and helping your business become more inclusive.


    What's in it for apprentices?

    Beyond earnings and obtaining a formal qualification (up to degree level), there are a range of other rewards for taking on an apprenticeship. From learning 'on the job', to social and network opportunities, financial perks to paid leave and a recognised qualification without typical university student debt – the list is endless.


    Experience + Training + Learning = a perfect recipe for success

    As much a fair remuneration is an attraction for any apprentice, the benefits go way beyond. From structured training whilst gaining valuable workplace experience, learning on the job while applying skills to real-life situations, there is so much to learn that goes back to lessons and beyond the books. There are thousands of top-quality options ensuring the right balance of learning and experience out there now, with many apprenticeships in leading companies. Alongside this, apprentices get to work towards a qualification, whether it be A-Levels or a degree, with the cost of education being covered by the apprenticeship levy. An additional incentive to take an apprentice role!


    High quality training

    More and more people are choosing to do an apprenticeship which are designed by employers to ensure people have the skills and experience needed to get a good job in a top sector. Apprenticeships help people to get the necessary skills and experience to succeed in their chosen career. Safe to say, an apprenticeship is a great way to bridge the gap between finishing education and kickstarting your career.


    The young talent at Signify UK

    The prospect of an apprenticeship was extremely appealing to me as a middle ground between education and work, providing both a placement, which allows me to benefit the community, and additionally to get a foot in the door in an extremely multifaceted and versatile industry. My work is wonderfully engaging, as well as endlessly dynamic, and my input as an apprentice technician is deeply appreciated and respected by my team, which provides me with a sense of independence and growth in my role.


    Sienna Thomas

    Consumer Sales Apprentice, Signify UKI

    How we make apprenticeship opportunities more attractive at Signify


    There are numerous ways how an employer can take to encourage young people into apprenticeships:

    • Ensuring that apprentices are adequately remunerated during the entirety of the apprenticeship and are offered the benefits as other employees where possible.
    • Support their learning and ensure that you give the apprentice the chance to strike a balance between learning and experience.
    • Running information days in schools, and campaigns in the wider community, with the assistance of apprenticeship ambassadors, to promote the benefits of quality apprenticeships for young people.
    • Providing a comprehensive advice and guidance service – before and during the apprenticeship – to help young people make informed training and career choices.
    • Offering an inclusive culture and a workplace where early career talents want to belong.


    At Signify, I am glad to share that we have been working with apprentices for the past many years and have been fortunate to be able to design programmes with leading universities and colleges to attract early careers talent. These universities help design a relevant curriculum that boosts confidence in the young force. We work with eight universities to design the right course for students including Leeds Trinity University, Guildford College, University of Winchester, Farnborough College of Technology, University of Chichester, Anglia Ruskin University to name a few.


    The programme is designed to not just attract students but also show them a way forward to build a career in the lighting industry and how they can make a difference at a very early stage in their career. As a result of this, 100% of our apprentices have converted into full time roles offering and continue to build on their career in Signify.


    In conclusion


    An apprentice programme brings together businesses and early career talents from across the country, opening many opportunities for businesses and apprentices, alike. This workforce can shine a light on the positive impact that a varied young group of individuals can make to any business and the wider economy. We at Signify continue to work with young talent and are proud to make a positive impact on the lighting industry with this energetic vibrant and enthusiastic workforce.

    About the author:

    [22:50] Amelie Pateman Bren Lumsden, Head of HR, Signify UK&I

    Bren Lumsden

    Head of HR, Signify UK&I



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