Protecting rugby’s greatest assets: the fans and players


    March 25, 2021


    At the home of Harlequins, UV-C disinfection lights the way to a cleaner future for stadium sports


    At The Twickenham Stoop stadium, home of English Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union Club Harlequins, the Honours Bar is used to welcoming an exclusive group of supporters. On matchdays, this limited area hosts Season Ticket Members - the loyal supporters, that show up in their thousands to support and honor the Quins.

    With a global pandemic temporarily closing the gates at the Stoop, the Honours Bar has taken on a second role as the home team players’ dressing room. And to protect both groups of VIPs, the Club has shown its commitment to a cleaner future for stadium sports by installing Signify’s UV-C disinfection lighting.

    The Honours bar

    Pure air


    UV-C is a well-established method of disinfection, used to prevent the spread of diseases by disinfecting air, water and surfaces. UV-C breaks down the DNA or RNA of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless. In laboratory testing, Signify’s wall-mounted UV-C disinfection upper-air luminaires1 inactivated 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air of a room within 10 minutes. The virus that causes COVID-19, was below detectable levels at 20 minutes.2

    At the Stoop, Signify’s partner Powercor installed 11 Philips UV-C disinfection upper air units, suspended by brackets 800mm from the ceiling. This high position, in combination with the luminaires’ design, allows it to disinfect air as it circulates through the upper level in the room, even when there are people present underneath. Natural convection of air moves the disinfected air back into the lower part of the room. Additionally, shielding and optics in the luminaire’s design prevent downwards exposure to UV-C radiation.3

    Experience and innovation


    With more than 35 years as a leader in UV technology, Signify’s track record and continuous innovation has won the support of the premiership club. While the technology has begun to pick up momentum in the world of sports, Harlequins is the first professional sports club in the United Kingdom to install UV-C lighting, and it’s a world first for rugby.

    “Signify is a highly trusted partner and a leader in its field,” said Laurie Dalrymple, Chief Executive Officer, Harlequins. “We are proud to be the first professional sports team in the UK to use UV-C disinfection lighting technology, and we expect to see it widely utilized in future across the sports and events industry.”

    Harlequins logo
    Mike Lancaster, Harlequins’ Head of Medical, added, “Signify’s UV-C disinfection lighting adds an additional layer of protection to the stringent testing and operational processes we have in place to protect the squad. From a medical perspective, I am very satisfied with the way the technology has been tested in depth and fully proven.”

    I am very satisfied with the way the technology has been tested in depth and fully proven."

    Mike Lancaster
    Harlequin’s Head of Medical

    Protection that never sleeps


    The Quins’ club motto, “Nunquam Dormio” – “never sleep” - defines the energy and drive that keeps the players at the top of their sport. It’s also a reminder that this strange time for professional sports is not a moment to be complacent, but an opportunity for sports clubs to build a better stadium experience and reimagine the way they protect players and fans alike.

    1 ‘Tests were conducted with Philips UV-C disinfection upper air wall mounted luminaires. The overall dimensions of the test chamber were approximately 8’x8’x10’, compliant with Biosafety Level 3 standards.

    2 According to results obtained from a laboratory test conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis, a CAP, CLIA, AABB Certified Safety Reference Laboratory, in a room with sufficient air circulation. For more information, please refer to the test report available here.

    3 The germicidal effectiveness of UV-C light sources is proportional to the exposure time of the microorganism to the UV-C light source and the intensity of the UV-C light source. Therefore, sufficient air flow in the room (which may be achieved through forced air flow or natural convection) is required for the effective operation of Signify’s UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires.

     People and animals should not be directly exposed to UV-C light sources as it can damage their skin and eyes.

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