Horticulture Week podcast: the
    benefits of LED lighting for growers with Nathanael Dannenberg


    27th April, 2023


    In his recent podcast episode with Horticulture Week, Nathanael Dannenberg, Commercial Horticulture Leader at Signify UKI, and Matthew Appleby, editor at Horticulture Week, discuss how LED lighting and using the right light strategy is key to keep the lights on for growers amidst the energy crisis and spiralling prices.
    Nathanael covers how growers who lead with innovation will thrive and explains the benefits of government funds and grants as more and more growers are seeing that extending their season or growing year-round has significant benefits to them. LED lighting for growers can help increase yield, whilst also allowing farmers to offer permanent work to a highly skilled workforce, benefitting operations. Moreover, with energy process soaring, and growers questioning whether planting over the winter is economically sustainable, they discuss how energy saving lighting strategies can be developed for customers to lower lighting hours to save energy while not compromising yield too much.
    LED lighting offers growers a flexible, lower energy alternative to conventional light sources – and the best bit is we continue to innovate and refine spectrum in order to help growers further maximise the impact of their investments. The growth/shift witnessed in the market is a testimony to this.
    They examine the future of horticulture lighting with a focus around controls, data and ways to make lighting work harder for customers as the switch from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to LED is accelerated. With glasshouse demand still the dominant sub-segment for us (around 85%) but the number of larger scale vertical farms is increasing year on year so we expect that to form a larger part of the business in coming years.

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