Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are key to long-term value creation

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are essential to support company’s long-term value creation


    July 25, 2022

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    Yuan Li embraces inclusive leadership in her role as a Head of Finance. She coaches her team to achieve the goals with a visible commitment to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace in the Greater China market. In this interview, she highlights the importance of DE&I within the organization since it elevates collaboration, engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

    How is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion lived within Signify?


    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is highly valued within Signify. It’s looking at the differences between us and acknowledging how they make us unique. These differences can come in visible and invisible forms such as national origin, race, generation, gender, disability, socioeconomic background, culture, or personality type.


    In detail, our workforce comes from more than 90 national origins. We recognize all our employees with different backgrounds by raising more awareness through local initiatives to promote an inclusive culture.


    Looking at the data, we know that we have work to do to increase underrepresented groups in our workforce. That’s why we’re committed to improving the representation of women and early career talents through hiring and mentoring programs.

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    How do our differences help each other and allow us to learn from each other?  


    Our mindset is mainly based on our own experiences and identities formed through our culture, gender, generation, and many more elements. Diversity helps us get out of our comfort zone. When the inclusive culture combines it, it drives innovation and allows us to think outbox by drawing on our workforce's diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences.

    It enhances employee collaboration, engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

    Diversity helps us to get out of our comfort zone, drive innovation and think outbox”

    How has having a diverse team contributed to you and your objectives?

    When I worked in Europe, I led a project to set up an FP&A center of excellence for all European markets, centralized in the Netherlands. I remember I had a CoE Team from eight different countries; this diversified team brought a lot of innovative ideas and significant energy to improve the process. We actively listened to each other and incorporated different ideas. 


    The team worked very well together; having sparkling ideas from various cultures created a strong foundation. Market leaders appreciated our practices; the team delivered great results to support business decisions. This experience taught me the importance of integrating diverse perspectives, and I’m constantly looking for ways to foster inclusion in my teams.


    How can we ensure that all team members have a chance to be heard?


    We have country-level Townhall and Coffee Corners to share company information, and employees can openly raise any question via the platform. We request team managers to organize team dialogues dialogue as well as the DE&I program regularly to ensure team members can exchange and share their opinions & insights.

    We also arrange one on one talk, mentoring programs to ensure everyone can be heard.


    We held mentoring programs to ensure everyone can be heard and can be given the opportunity to support their development and growth.”

    Can you give us an example of how do you personally champion DE&I in your team?

    As a woman leader of the GRC leadership team, I've chaired Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Dialogue for the GRC market.

    In past years, we organize a lot of DE&I activities to break the biases and raise awareness regarding employees' mindset on gender, generation, culture, background, and region. The programs Mars crashes the Earth, Puberty hits menopause, Poet Li Bai meets Vincent van Gogh, Senior Mr. Signify handshake with newly hired Ms. Signify and Steamed Buns runs into Dumplings were with great success to offer opportunities to employees to get together and share insights. It helped our team to know diversity, show diversity, embrace diversity, and celebrate diversity.
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    To find out more about our commitment to DE&I visit our careers site. 

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    Daniela Valda Flores

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