Bringing stadiums to atmospheric life through lighting

    September, 2017

    An enthralling atmosphere at a sports stadium can inspire the home team to deliver a game winning performance, intimidate the opposition, and drive up attendance figures. According to Reggie Nxumalo, GM of Philips Lighting Southern Africa, creating that level of atmosphere is not only down to the enthusiasm levels of the fans and the architecture of the stadium, because lighting also plays a role.

    The right lighting is vital for sports venues, where it is for a more intimate community sports stadium or a massive arena located in a metropolitan area, the right lighting will help make the difference between an average game and a truly exciting event.

    In order to help make visitors feel secure in parking areas, use bright energy-saving LED illumination. Proceed to guide fans to the arena, by utilising low-maintenance luminaires and inspire them from afar, with LED façade lighting that turns your venue into a landmark.

    Players, artists, dancers and other performers can showcase their best performances, only when there is clear visibility on the field and around the stadium.

    Furthermore, glare-free lighting assists cameras in capturing the action, with flicker-free performance allowing for slow-motion replays of camera footage in HD quality.

    In addition, architectural lighting enhances the atmosphere and attracts visitors, which ultimately helps generate higher revenue.

    Stadium management can also cut down on the operating costs of the venue, if they make use of intelligent control systems that helps create a smarter lighting experience. They can reduce costs through energy-efficient LED lighting systems, connectivity and remote monitoring systems.

    Doing so, will also allow them to adapt to future demands with a flexible, future-proof, and versatile lighting system and increase revenue streams by gaining the flexibility to host different types of events within the same space.

    Turning visitors on to new stadium business

    Within the stadium, retail and hospitality lighting can be used to create new opportunities by helping to attract visitors towards retail stores, and direct their attention towards merchandise in order to accelerate sales.

    Lighting also enables stadium managers to bring pleasing illumination to hospitality suites, with light tailored to the sponsor’s colours for an added touch. Moreover, lighting can also help create the right atmosphere for press conferences, meetings, and staff parties or other entertainment events.

    Façade and architectural lighting can be connected with pitch lighting to enable orchestrated lighting effects. Exciting visuals encourage people to stay in the arena longer and spread the word of mouth about the experience.

    The right lighting can improve safety and crowd flow by making use of well-lit areas in and around the stadium. Lighting also plays a prominent role in improving attendee guidance to seats, restaurants, fan shops, as well as exits.

    Ultimately, state-of-art lighting lets you save money, improve safety, and create excitement even before guests enter the venue.

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