Philips fulfills Earth Hour 2012 commitment to lightover children’s homes with energy-efficient LEDs

    December 13, 2012

    • Pertapis Children’s Home is the first to receive Philips’ commitment to undergo a lightover with LED and other energy-efficient lighting solutions.
    • Two other beneficiary homes, The Haven (The Salvation Army) and Canossaville Children’s Home, will undergo a lightover in early 2013.

    Singapore – To end the year on a festive note, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) will transform the Pertapis Children’s Home by lighting over the compound and replacing old compact fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED (light emitting diodes) and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Philips also installed new wall lights with LED bulbs in all seven of the children’s dormitories.


    Philips participated as an official partner of Earth Hour Singapore in March this year, encouraging consumers and businesses to switch off their lights to mark the occasion, and to make the switch to using more energy-efficient lighting products like LEDs. Philips Lighting Singapore embarked on a corporate challenge to help sustain Earth Hour beyond the targeted 60 minutes – to lightover three children’s homes with LEDs and energy-efficient lighting solutions if consumers made a pledge on Philips Lighting Singapore’s Facebook page to help save the earth and be more environmentally-friendly.


    "Philips Lighting is delighted to fulfill this commitment to help others make the switch to using energy-efficient lighting solutions in their homes and businesses. The lightover of the three children’s homes will provide the children with a more comfortable home environment with proper lighting that is comfortable for the eyes," said Mieke De Schepper, General Manager, Philips Lighting Singapore. "The LED lightover for all three children’s homes will provide good quality and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions that combine cost and energy-savings over the long term. We hope that through our actions and commitment to this cause, we can inspire others to do their part to change to sustainable LED lighting solutions that are environmentally-friendly."


    Philips champions the use of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that provide a superior quality of light that is glare-free and comfortable on the eyes, yet reduces energy consumption and costs. Philips LED lighting solutions typically have a lifespan of 15,000 – 25,000 hours, or an average of up to 25 years. The long lifespan minimizes any replacement costs needed to change the bulbs, translating into significant cost efficiencies over the long term.


    "We applaud Philips’ commitment to go beyond Earth Hour through the replacement of the bulbs in the three Children’s Home to LEDs. WWF is delighted that their action helped create a conducive home environment for the children and will bring tangible cost savings to the homes. If every Singaporean does their part for the environment by changing one traditional bulb to LED, we can save $47 million in energy costs per year," said Michaela Felber, Director, Marketing and Corporate Relations, WWF Singapore.


    In all, Philips installed more than 200 new lights in the Pertapis Children’s Home. LEDs and other energy-efficient lighting solutions were fitted along the home’s corridors and multipurpose hall, and the children were provided with Philips LED desklights for a comfortable environment to read and study in. The children’s dormitories were also installed with new wall lights with LED bulbs, creating a conducive and safe environment for the children in the night.


    "This is a refreshing change for the children – to have an environment that is well-lit and comfortable! With the new wall lights installed in their dormitories, the children now have a source of comfort. The LED lights installed are energy-efficient and will help us to save on energy costs in the long run as we have to keep the lights turned on for long hours at a time. Best of all, the Philips LED lights installed provide an extremely high quality source of light but do not require frequent replacements, which can be a hassle for us," said Mdm Haloyah Atan, Home Administrator, Pertapis Children’s Home.


    As part of the home’s lightover, Philips’ volunteer employees also engaged the children through art and crafts activities and contributed new books and board games to the home’s library. Colorful wall stickers were put up around the home to add a festive and cheery atmosphere for the children.


    With the first lightover completed at the Pertapis Children’s Home, Philips will light over two other children’s homes with LED and energy-efficient lighting solutions in The Haven (The Salvation Army) and Canossaville Children’s Home in early 2013, fulfilling the corporate challenge.


    Through its community involvement, Philips hopes to encourage consumers and home owners alike to make the switch to using more energy-efficient lighting solutions and recognize the potential in energy and cost savings, and the benefits to the environment a simple LED light solution can bring.

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