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    You want to update, modernize, and grow your company. But big plans often require a cash outlay that isn’t readily at hand. Our team of lighting and financial experts can help you overcome investment hurdles by designing the perfect lighting system and crafting a financial plan that fits your budget.

    Why finance your project with Signify Lighting Capital?

    Upgrade your lighting system today

    Upgrade your lighting system today

    No upfront investment and 100% financing for all equipment and project costs.
    Enjoy net positive cash

    Enjoy a net positive cash flow

    Your monthly payments are completely covered by your energy cost savings.
    Preserve cash and and credit lines

    Preserve cash and credit lines

    Access the capital you need through our global network of financial partners.
    Get the perfect lighting

    Get the perfect lighting system for your business

    We work with you to design a solution that meets your specific business needs and objectives.

    Which service is best for me?

    We understand that every business is different. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with a one-off invoice, or you need more support via a performance-based contract, we have the right financial solution for you.
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    Asset based financing

    Save now, pay later. Asset-based financing allows you to maximize savings through using the most energy efficient lighting equipment and lower your maintenance cost at the same time.

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    Light as a Service

    From design and financing to system implementation, maintenance and performance commitments, think of your lighting as a continuous service rather than a one-off product. Without any upfront cost, you start saving from day one.


    Find out more about LaaS

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    Large projects structured finance

    Have a long-term vision for your business? We’ll help you realize your ambitions through structured financing, personalized project design, customized deals and a hands-on approach.

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