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    You invest in the lighting of your organization to ensure that it performs perfectly in the most sustainable way possible. That is why, in addition to our standard warranty, we also offer self-service and tailor-made maintenance programs to ensure that lighting systems and/or products never let you down. Not only do we quickly solve maintenance problems, we also ensure that they do not re-occur.

    Spare parts

    When a luminaire is defective, this does not immediately mean that it must be recycled. Spare parts are available for many of our fixtures (Indoor and Outdoor). Signify thus offers a great alternative to replacing the entire luminaire. This is fully in line with our circular vision.

    With Service Tag you have access to information about spare parts. In addition, drivers can be programmed with this app, among other things.
    Service Line Job

    Service Line Job

    You have a lighting system from Signify. Now it may happen that at a certain point the system performance is no longer entirely in line with your wishes. With a Service Line Job you update the system, so that it performs the way you want it again.

    We offer all kinds of Service Line Jobs: measurements, adjustments, extensions, system checks, training, product repair, spare parts and much more.



    Do you want to know which conditions apply to your products?

    Signify guarantees the exceptional quality of its products and services. The warranty applies to the lamps and fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting as well as to the systems and services.

    All details are included in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Logistic Delivery Conditions and the Warranty Policy of Signify.

    Additional and/or different conditions may apply if a (service) contract is active. Thanks to this guarantee, we provide a better service and more safety for our customers.

    Would you like to resolve your complaint quickly? Make it a Service Request!

    At Signify you enjoy excellent service. We are happy to help you as well and as quickly as possible if your lighting does not function optimally.

    When you answer the questions in the service request accurately, we get a clear picture of the possible cause and we can quickly get to work to solve the problem.