Renovation wave with LED and connected lighting

    Discover how lighting retrofit can help you save money by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions


    Lighting is the quickest and simplest part of a building renovation. A simple switch to energy-efficient LED lighting retrofit can help businesses save on energy costs and meet their sustainability goals by lowering their carbon emissions. But the real benefits are achieved with smart connected LED lighting. By connecting your light points to sensors, you can save an additional 30% on electricity consumption, over and above gains from switching to LED.  Enjoy better savings and boost your organisation's well-being with LED lighting retrofit. 

    Connected LED lighting

    We’d love to help you flip the Green Switch

    Clean Mobility

    LED lighting for a brighter future


    Connecting LED lights to sensors and software management systems can drive energy savings of up to 30%. Imagine the overall energy savings that could be realized by flipping the green switch.

    Lighting: Riding the Renovation Wave


    Discover how LED lighting is the magic ingredient in building renovation plans to create a greener, smarter, more prosperous world.

    Healthy buildings for people and planet 


    Connected LED lighting helps promote well-being, especially indoors, and it helps in the fight for decarbonization too.

    What Signify's Green Switch can do


    LED and connected lighting retrofits are the “low-hanging fruit” for achieving a carbon neutral world. Switching to connected LEDs in buildings and on the streets can quickly reduce the built environment’s lighting-related energy consumption by up to 80%.


    Connected lighting helps to build the digital infrastructure that is so crucial for the adaptability, optimal operation, and efficient maintenance of buildings and street lighting. With UV-C lighting and connected apps, buildings can also become safer, healthier, and better able to respond to future challenges when they come.

    Discover more

    • Clean energy

      Clean energy

      Harness the power of sunlight with hybrid and solar street lighting. Minimize emissions, build a citywide digital infrastructure, and scale up the use of renewables in your municipality. Use the energy savings to support integrated initiatives, such as powering electric vehicles.

    • Circular economy

      Circular economy

      The circular economy has everything to do with sustainable consumption, reuse, and eliminating waste. Signify’s recyclable 3D-printed luminaires cut the carbon footprint for lighting in half. Circular streetlights reduce maintenance costs by 60%, with zero waste to landfill. And Light-as-a-Service approaches promote sustainability along the entire lighting lifecycle.

    • Clean mobility

      Clean mobility

      Savings from energy-efficiency renovations, LED lighting and solar street lighting can power tens of thousands of EVs without extra power generation.