Circular Lighting

    Putting sustainability at the center of your lighting system

    We create lighting solutions customized to suit your business needs, in line with a clear set of Key Performance Indicators. These solutions include everything from design and build, to operation and maintenance.

    You can also choose to simply buy the light you use instead of owning the lighting system, giving you financial flexibility right from the start.

    Circular lighting infographic

    What can Circular Lighting do for you?


    Smart and sustainable products that have been designed with their post-service life in mind.

    New business models

    An innovative service model based on the circular economy philosophy.

    Reverse logistics

    Applying the principles of the circular economy to systems and products that have reached the end of their service life.


    Forming close collaborations between all parties to create sustainable solutions for a circular economy.

    Case Studies

    • Schiphol Airport

      Schiphol Airport

      Our circular lighting services provided Schiphol with the perfect sustainable solution. Instead of buying the luminaire, you just buy the light.

    • High Tech Campus

      High Tech Campus

      With Signify retaining responsibility for maintenance of the new lighting, the High Tech Campus management team was able to focus their time elsewhere.

    • Bruynzeel Storage Systems

      Bruynzeel Storage Systems

      Light as a Service provided Bruynzeel Storage Systems with the perfect financial solution to support their sustainability goals.

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