3D printing by Signify

    Tailored luminaires for a circular economy

    Mass-market, on-demand tailored luminaires that can be recycled. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

    Signify enables customers to custom-design or tailor their luminaires. We then 3D print and deliver a quality product, fast.

    Our service saves on time, energy, waste in manufacturing, packaging and transportation. 3D printing paves the way for more innovative designs with more complex shapes and colors. These are available digitally for on-demand production and stored to allow easy modification and adaptation. What’s more, all our 3D printed Philips luminaires are recyclable, specifically designed for a Circular Economy.


    It is lighting by Signify – but not as you know it.


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    Tailored design for everyone

    With 3D-printed luminaires, you can personalize, customize and tweak your luminaire to uniquely fit your needs by selecting the shape, pattern, color and size, lumen output, driver and optics.

    Delivered to you at a high speed

    Being able to 3D-print a luminaire the same day it was designed, shrinks the process from development, to production, delivery and installation from what might have been months to a matter of weaks.

    Sustainable and circular by default

    Our luminaires have less parts and don’t use glue. Manufactured and assembled locally, a typical finished luminaire (excluding electronics and optics) has a 47% lower carbon footprint than a similar conventionally manufactured metal luminaire. It is 35% lighter, resulting in carbon savings when shipping. At the end of life, the luminaire’s polycarbonate material can be shredded and re-used.

    Quality lighting you can depend on

    As the world leader in lighting, we’re skilled in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative, energy-efficient lighting products, systems, and services. Our LED luminaires use quality materials and meet all the expectations you have of a Philips lighting product.



    Retail and Hospitality


    Create a unique instore and hospitality experience, with luminaires that are unique, customized to your brand and energy-efficient. We can help you future-proof your store by recycling your 3D-printed luminaire and printing a new design. We’ll keep you ahead of the competition and support your sustainability goals.


    Find Albert Heijn case study here

    Applications Office



    Upgrade your office lighting to LED and reduce your energy spend by up to 80%. Our 3D-printed LED luminaires are retrofit and can be designed to fit any fixture or ceiling - no need for new light fittings. They’re a great way to improve aesthetics and save on energy and refurbishment costs.

    How it works

    Step by step define your tailored lighting creations


    Define your shape & size

    Whether functional or decorative, we enable you to choose from a rich collection of various shapes and sizes.

    Choose the material

    With the vast choice in materials you can make your fixtures blend or stand out.

    Select the texture/pattern

    Lines, woven, technology grooves, or just normal finish? It’s all possible.

    Determine the lighting details

    Pick the right lumen output, driver settings, optics and other options for tailoring your light.

    Hit the button!

    Finally, confirm your design and we‘ll print and deliver – fast, convenient and reliable.

    Our products

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    Professional products

    Consumer products


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