Signify Created Holy Light of Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

    May 12, 2021

    Signify Created Holy Light of Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta


    • Connected LED lighting further enhances the mosque to be the pride of the country


    Jakarta, Indonesia – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, proudly presents the new lighting of the Grand Mosque of Istiqlal, shining brightly to welcome the Eid Al-Fitr. Signify took part in the ambitious project to renovate Indonesia’s national mosque, the first renovation ever done to the mosque since it was built in 1978.


    “We are very proud to have participated in supporting and enhancing the Grand Mosque of Istiqlal as the pride of this country,” commented Dedy Bagus Pramono, Country Leader, Signify Indonesia. “This mosque is not only a place of worship, but also an icon to the city that has a great significance to the country. Therefore, highlighting its architectural uniqueness and majesty became our vision when concepting the lighting to play both functional and aesthetic roles.”


    The Grand Mosque of Istiqlal’s new face was recently inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on January 7, 2021.  Signify provided its connected LED lighting to the mosque’s architectural, landscape & outdoor/indoor lighting. A total of 3,375 light fixtures were installed on the mosque’s main façade, main dome and small dome, façade of the minarets, corridors, and the main void prayer hall.

    Signify’s broad portfolio for professional building and façade lighting allows us to design lighting according to the established concept, which is to beautify the existing building structures, as well as to create ambience appropriate to the majesty of this historical mosque."


    Agust Danang Ismoyo
    Principal Lighting Designer at Pavilion 95

    “I believe that pilgrims who come to pray in this mosque will also feel proud that Indonesia has such a grand and beautiful mosque,” commented Agust Danang Ismoyo, Principal Lighting Designer at Pavilion 95 who is also involved as the consultant for the renovation project of the Grand Mosque of Istiqlal.


    With the new lighting, Istiqlal mosque looks even more beautiful and grand, befitting of a building with a high historical and religious values. The indoor lighting concept in the main prayer hall gives pilgrims a unique experience,  with dynamic architectural lighting UniStrip G4 RGBW, which light up the hall with different color temperatures to represent natural sunlight (white during daylight and yellow closing to dusk). With this, it creates the illusion of praying under an open sky and changes the sceneries following prayer’s time. This can help to add solemnity while praying. Signify also upgraded the outdoor lighting using its dynamic architectural lighting portfolio, the UniFlood M and UniStrip G4 floodlights, to light up the façade with certain color temperatures to represent natural sunlight.

    On the main dome, Signify installed its Color Kinetics ReachElite range of long-throw exterior LED floodlights equipped with IntelliHue technology, Color Kinetics’ advanced approach to color mixing, producing perfectly accurate, high-quality intelligent white light, subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same precisely controllable luminaire. With this technology, the dynamic lightings on Istiqlal’s domes can represent natural phenomenon such as full moon and super-blue blood moon.


    “It is a joy for us at Signify to provide lighting which helps emphasize the architectural and historical values of the Grand Mosque of Istiqlal. We hope that the new ambience lighting will bring peace to the pilgrims and make the mosque stand out in the eyes of the world,” Dedy concluded.


    Standing on 91,629 m2 of land, the Grand Mosque of Istiqlal is easily the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, with the capacity to host up to 120,000 pilgrims. The name ‘Istiqlal’ means "independence" in Arabic as it was built to commemorate Indonesian independence and meant to be the National mosque. Located in Central Jakarta, the mosque was designed by architect Frederich Silaban in 1954. It took 17 years of construction to build the mosque, led directly by President Soekarno, founding father and the first President of Indonesia. When the plan to renovate was finalized in 2018, Signify seized the opportunity to provide consultation on upgrading the interior and exterior illumination of the iconic venue. 

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