Carrefour is using an innovative indoor positioning system from Signify to transform the shopping experience

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    May 16, 2018
    French retail giant Carrefour is using an innovative indoor positioning system to transform the shopping experience in its stores.

    We work with Philips on energy savings, and we wanted to test a new service in Carrefour Lille to go beyond just lighting. The focus we made is to specialize and localize the promotions for people.

    - Céline Martin, business models and innovation manager for Carrefour hypermarkets

    Customer challenge

    Founded in 1959, French retail giant Carrefour now spans the globe, operating 10,800 stores in 33 countries. Always concerned with improving customer satisfaction, Carrefour conducted a research study with shoppers to learn more about their in-store experiences. The study showed that customers wanted to be able to find products more easily. Locating items may not be too much of a problem in a store that carries 200 items, but it can become difficult in a large store that offers thousands of items.

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