Signify’s connected lighting helps Pilkington Automotive to create a smart warehouse

    November 26, 2019

    • Signify launches Interact Industry in collaboration with Pilkington
    • Automotive New cloud-based, wireless connected lighting system provides industrial businesses with energy savings, delivers insights into space usage and establishes a safer working environment
    • An infrastructure for future innovation providing data-driven insights

    Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced that it installed Interact Industry in the newly developed warehouse facility of Pilkington Automotive in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, marking its entrance into the Industrial IoT space. This cloud-based, wireless connected lighting system is specifically designed for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


    Pilkington Automotive, part of NSG Group, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive glass. Its new European central warehouse meets the latest storage systems & warehouse design standards and is fully aligned with the company’s future-orientated business approach.

    Our site is designed to set a new standard for warehouse lighting in the glass industry. With Interact Industry, we received a connected lighting system that does more than just provide light. It also gives us data about our site and allows us to make smarter decisions about our operations."


    Marcel Devereaux,

    Category Manager Energy Projects, NSG Group

    Interact Industry software enables Pilkington Automotive to analyze all data collected through smart sensors embedded in the lighting system, utilizing the data to improve the warehouse and process layout continuously. For example, with data insights on the intensity of space usage over time, actions can be taken to reduce inefficiencies in order-picking time in the warehouse. The system also increases the warehouse’s energy efficiency and makes it more sustainable. “Compared to sites where conventional lighting is used, the new system achieves up to 50% energy savings by adapting the lighting to demand, using daylight harvesting and presence sensors. This is on top of the significant savings already achieved by changing to LED lighting. Also, the carbon footprint at Pilkington Automotive can be reduced by 290 tonnes of CO2 each year,” said Devereaux.

    Cost efficient and easy to use, Interact Industry makes central lighting control more accessible than ever before. The connected lighting system supports industrial businesses to make an impact with data. It will drive customers towards safer and more productive warehouse and factory environments, more efficient staff and lower energy consumption.

    “At Signify, we have a rich history in providing high quality lighting for industrial companies – but with the launch of Interact Industry, we’re truly taking a leap forward. Businesses are increasingly using data to improve business processes. This system can provide them with valuable, data-driven insights to create a safer working environment for staff, improve productivity and reduce energy use," said Ton van de Wiel, Global Sub-segment Director for Industry at Signify.

    Connected lighting benefits

    Increased safety and productivity – Reliable lighting ensures a safe working environment, reduces accidents and allows for continuous operations by eliminating unplanned maintenance. Interact Industry enables the user of the warehouse to be preventive instead of reactive, giving immediate insight into current faults and flagging potential future defects before they occur in order to limit any downtime. It’s widely recognized that preventive maintenance can generate business savings of 12 to 18%[1].

    Optimized use of space – Interact Industry provides insights that improve the productivity of employees by enabling them to monitor their operations. The connected system, equipped with motion sensors that collect data, can show the intensity of space use across different areas and across time. This allows managers to verify ABC stocking strategies and take appropriate actions when needed to improve operations and reduce inefficiencies in order-picking time.


    Reduced energy consumption – With Interact Industry, operators can monitor energy consumption across the facility and optimize the light settings. Sensors will enable daylight harvesting and will trigger the right light behavior based on presence. Interact Industry also allows companies to schedule lighting, for example lowering the light levels during the week when different activity requires different light levels. All of this helps businesses meet regulatory demands and sustainability goals.

    Interact Industry helps customers in their journey towards creating a smart warehouse and to be fully ready for technology upgrades in the future. For more information on Interact Industry and the collaboration with Pilkington Automotive, you can download the case study (pdf) and view the video here.


    [1] Source: Mintek

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