The Photon Pod featuring Philips Hue brightens the mood at London Design Festival

    September 16, 2013

    London, U.K. – Philips Hue, has been installed at the Photon Project’s Photon Pod at the London Design Festival. The all-glass pod is a prototype for the Photon Project that will collect invaluable data and insights on the links between light, and health and wellbeing over a planned four-year period. The Photon Project is a groundbreaking scientific study initiated by glass engineering company Cantifix, and Oxford University, to explore in detail the effects of light on the biological clock – which in turn affects the health, wellbeing, mood and behavior of each of us.


    The stunning glass pod installation showcased at London Design Festival invites the public to experience ‘life under glass’ and take part in a series of simulations that measure levels of alertness or relaxation in different light settings – illustrating the future research plans. Within the Photon Pod, visitors can also interact with Philips Hue providing a personal light experience. Tuneable white light from Hue can be controlled via a simple app to instantly match the mood and moment, and through pre-settings light can be set to help concentrate, relax or energize. The Photon Project and its founders at Cantifix share the belief that the results of the research can potentially contribute to improving the lives of millions, through new standards and light-related solutions for all sorts of buildings.


    Philips is a pioneer in the field of connected lighting and has already carried out extensive research into the biological effects of light, which resulted in proven solutions on the market: from Philips SchoolVision, which showed how light improves children’s learning; to Philips HealWell, which proved that different light settings enhance patients’ sleep, mood and overall hospital experience.


    Sean Carney, Philips Chief Design Officer, will attend the Photon Project’s symposium at the London Design Festival and speak about the future possibilities of light. Sean comments: “With Philips Hue, we are only beginning to understand the endless creative possibilities digital lighting will bring. As we acquire new insight into the physiological and psychological effects of light, programmable digital light sources such as Hue will allow us to apply light in ever more meaningful ways. Whether supporting our bodies’ own natural balance by simulating daylight or achieving something much deeper, promoting feelings of wellness.”


    Speaking at the launch of the Photon Project, Brent Richards, award winning architect and designer responsible for the concept and implementation of the Photon Project and unique design of the Photon Pod says: “Understanding how people feel in different light settings means applying designed light in ways that harmonize with natural light and benefit people when they’re at home, at work – and anywhere else, at any time. Philips Hue is much more than a lamp with mood settings – it is the tip of the iceberg of what we can do with more dynamic lighting, as the Photon Project will show.”


    You can visit the Photon Pod at The London Design Festival between September 16th and
    22nd, 2013 The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT.

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