Transforming Rooms at the Push of a Button; Livingambiance from Philips Enables Consumers to Experiment with Light

    May 4, 2010

    London, UK -  Philips today launched a revolutionary new lighting concept that enables consumers to instantly match the ambiance of a room to their moods or activities. Philips LivingAmbiance is a wireless system that integrates multiple luminaires and lamps to create different ambiances with adjustable white and colored light which can be instantly set and recalled using a remote control.


    Philips LivingAmbiance integrates multiple luminaires – including Philips’ LivingColors white and colored luminaires, LivingColors Generation 2 luminaires and LivingWhites lamps – in a system that is easy to set up and to use. Using the remote control, consumers can experiment with light conditions, to suit their mood or the occasion. At the push of a button, a room can be transformed from a bright functional space for children to play in to a cosy environment in which to read a book or a vibrant space for entertaining friends. Consumers can then store up to three different light settings. A special plug is available that enables existing luminaires to be integrated in to the system. Alternatively use a LivingWhites lamp in your existing luminaire and it will do the job.  Philips’ LivingAmbiance is based on the global ZigBee industry standard.


    Ashley Smith, Marketing Manager Consumer Lighting UK, said, “The industry needs to move beyond thinking in terms of individual luminaires and lamps and treat lighting in an entire room as a single system. We then need to apply modern technology to minimize the cost and inconvenience of installing such advanced solutions into people’s living spaces. This is what we have achieved with LivingAmbiance. We believe that designing with light helps people to express their identity, mood and style and is an excellent example of how Philips is simply enhancing life with light.”


    Research1  shows that almost 80% of people want to easily adjust the ambiance in their home for different occasions yet almost 70% feel that they are limited in their possibilities for doing so. LivingAmbiance delivers on these desires by enabling any combination of white and colored luminaires and lamps to be managed as a single system. With one remote each luminaire can be adjusted individually, or multiple lights can be controlled together. Wireless technology means that this flexibility is achieved with no need for expensive installation or rewiring.


    Empowering people to define their personal environments through design and style is an important way for them to make their home a special, personal place. With Philips LivingAmbiance, you can now change the light to instantly transform a room according to your mood, occasion or moment - lighting is not limited to on or off or brighter or dimmed but opens up a whole world of lighting possibilities for people to play with, discover and experience.


    Philips LivingAmbiance is the umbrella concept consisting of the latest generation of LivingColors which exploits the potential of LED with new shapes and features a variety of colored and white light; and LivingWhites energy efficient lamps.


    The LivingAmbiance system will be available from June 2010. The system will retail from £300 depending on the element selected.


    1 Source: Philips Insights Validation, December 2007

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