How Signify can help the public sector to build back better

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    Webinar: How Signify can help the public sector to build back better
     Friday 12th November 2021

    Time: 12.00 – 2.00 pm GMT


    How can you deliver public infrastructure projects whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions? How do you reduce your energy bills beyond upgrading to LED? How do you ensure that your area remains an attractive place to live and do business as we recover from the pandemic?


    Join this webinar to learn how the latest advances in lighting technology, from the world's first carbon neutral lighting manufacturer, can help you in answering these challenges.


    In this webinar you'll learn how solar lighting can now be relied upon, even in UK & Irish climates. How 3D printing can reduce the embodied carbon of your lighting by more than 50%. You'll find out how UV-C can be used to protect you, your colleagues and your children from viruses. And how the lighting infrastructure in our offices and on our streets can help solve the connectivity challenges of the future.




    1. Challenges facing local authorities
    2. Solar lighting
    3. 3D printing
    4. Human-centric lighting design
    5. UV-C
    6. Street lighting and the 5G roll-out
    7. LiFi
    8. Lighting controls for your estate and street