Brexit Information

    The outcome of Brexit and what it may entail is still unclear however everybody should be prepared for it.

    Some helpful FAQs for our UK and Ireland customers

    During the last 12 months, Signify has already implemented measures to ensure our business continuity in case of the different Brexit scenarios for our customers in the UK. Currently, we are not expecting the UK Government’s declared intension to leave the EU to take place before 1 st February after which there will be a transition period.

    Our dedicated Brexit project team has prepared an extensive Q&A based on questions/concerns received from our customers and stakeholders. We will make sure we update this Q&A regularly based on your feedback and news about Brexit.

    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What preparations have been put in place at Signify for the movement of goods?
    We are ensuring that the movement of goods can be maintained through any change or transition period and we have and will put in place changes to supply routes to mitigate any impacts post Brexit.
    What adaptations have Signify made to ensure supply will run smoothly?
    For our European Supply Chain, we will use container shipments to avoid potential delays associated with road transport at the main channel ports. We have also reviewed our market safety stock policy and we will be housing safety stocks in the UK rather than in our EU based distribution centers.
    Could there be any impact on the lead times for delivery to Signify’s customers?
    For some products with supply routes that are direct from Europe, our delivery lead times to customers may be extended by between one and three days. This additional time is needed to consolidate shipments and prepare customs relevant documentation. This will affect “Made to Order” products originating from Europe and for these we will work closely with our customers to ensure we maintain supply continuity. For products we hold in stock, we do not expect any availability impacts.

    Our Sales and Order Management teams will inform customers which products are affected.  
    How will Signify avoid likely delays at the UK border for supply of products and materials?
    For products we hold in stock in the UK, we have increased the level of safety stock we hold. Where practical for make to order products supplied from our European factories, we are changing supply routes to short sea containers to avoid potential delays in road-based transport associated with cross channel ferry movements.
    Will Signify consider re-routing its transportation?
    Yes, over the last months we have established alternative shipment options for supply routes from our European factories and supply centers.
    Does Signify have the capability in place to manage customs clearance of product into the UK?
    Yes, we have established a contractual relationship with our global customs clearance partner supplier which includes the UK. Our supplier of customs services is in close contact with the UK government and we expect this will enable us to align our processes with any changes in customs procedures.
    What impact will a hard Brexit have on prices of Signify products?
    It is too early to say however we will continue to price our products and propositions competitively according to market conditions and customer value. We remain dedicated to exploring all available options to mitigate the impact of potential cost increases.
    How will you deal with tax and finance implications?
    We will ensure that the necessary adjustments are made, when these are known.
    I understand that Signify manufactures some products in the UK, as customer of these product could we be affected by the Brexit?
    Signify manufactures SoX Lamps in the UK. We have completed a comprehensive assessment of any supply chain risks manufacture of SoX lamps and taken the necessary action to ensure continuity of production. In addition, we have completed the safety stock build in our distribution centres within the EU to support the expected levels of customer demand in the coming months.

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