Dining Room Lighting Ideas 


    Febuary 7th, 2022


    If you are looking to transform your dining room, you may want to consider switching up your lighting before committing to a full renovation. 


    The lighting in your home often goes overlooked, however it has an immense impact on the mood and ambiance of the rooms in your home. Switching the lighting in your dining room will allow you to have full control of the mood you want to set in your dining space. Whether you are hosting a dinner party of having a romantic dinner in – the lighting can be seamlessly be controlled and altered by you. 

    What type of lighting is best for dining room?


    If you after a statement lighting fixture for your dining room go for a pendant shape fixture. The Hue Ensis pendant’s slim design, and up-and-down white & colour ambiance lights make it easy to combine functional and ambient light.- Perfect for day-day dining or more formal dinner parties.


    If you after a combination of functional lighting (for working at home) and ambient lighting for evenings go for recessed spots. The Centura white and colour ambiance recessed spotlight also offers the perfect splash of colour for any occasion.

    Our Centris white & colour ambiance spot light also offers functional lighting through defused light, along with ambient lighting through directional spots in a single fixture.


    Our White Ambiance Filament bulb’s design mimics the vintage style – perfect for setting a low lighted romantic dinner but with much lower energy usage. You can switch between cool and warm whites with the new white ambiance range.

    To create the perfect lighting for any situation – whether it be a big party to a weeknight dinner -our plug and play range offers the perfect combination. Our Signe gradient table/floor lamp, Iris and our Gradient Light Strip, all offer a multitude of colours and styles to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

    Signe Floor Lamp


    Complement your home’s decor with the slim, stylish design of the gradient Signe floor lamp, which blends multiple colours together to paint the walls with a unique gradient of light.

    Signe floor lamp

    Iris Table Lamp


    Set the mood in any room of your home with the stylish Philips Hue Iris lamp in white. With a light that both washes the wall with colour and offers a gentle backlight, the Iris provides a sophisticated, unique effect. 

    Iris table lamp

    Gradient Lightstrip


    With gradient technology and flexible design, the versatile Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip offers a powerful blend of colourful light for any room in your home.

    Gradient lightstrip

    How do you control and alter lighting in a dining room?


    All the products mentioned above can be controlled (turned on/off, dimmed and colour changed) through the Philip’s Hue app and through Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and Apple Home.


    Our Hue app also offers dynamic scenes to choose from if you can’t decide which colour out of 16 million to choose from.


    Additionally you can install a Dimmer Switch which allows you to dim or brighten the room, toggle light scenes or get the best light based on the time of day. With the Dimmer Switch you can also set routines through the App settings (start the day with energizing light, end with relaxing warm lighting, or set specific times for lighting to change depending on your needs).

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