Celebrating ten years of LED light innovation


    March 22nd, 2022


    Significant changes in sustainable agriculture need to be made as our population rises and puts pressure on global food security. 


    In fact, the global food system accounts for about one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, consumes most of all freshwaters, and is the leading cause of deforestation. By 2050, there will be another two billion people on the planet increasing food demand by 70%. To add to this, climate change is another threat that can alter the growth of plants and crops as vital resources such as water and nutrients may become scarce in some regions reducing opportunities for growing crops.


    Sustainable alternatives can ensure that there’s enough safe and affordable food. Using artificial lights in horticulture is one way to increase demand without driving up the resource usage. For this, successful partnerships are key.


    Having officially celebrated our ten-year anniversary of working in partnership with CambridgeHOK, these horticultural highlights are just some of the projects we’ve enjoyed working on together. TWO ground-breaking Vertical Farms, a state-of-the-art indoor strawberry farm and a year-round tomato growing facility.

    We have a long-standing relationship with CambridgeHOK that continues to grow from strength to strength. Together, in the past decade, we have worked on some major horticultural projects that have paved the way for innovation and growth in the Vertical Farming industry.’’


    Nathanael Dannenberg

    Commercial Leader for Horticulture in the UK & Ireland, at Signify

    “Working with CambridgeHOK, our close collaboration has allowed us to learn about growing new crops and soft fruits under LED lighting. We have learned how to use light efficiently so we can tailor the spectrum, intensity and photo period for each individual location and crop. We believe the groundwork and knowledge we have acquired will allow LED to become mainstream. We expect the rollout to continue at pace and anticipate working together on exciting projects for a long time to come.”

    A game-changer for growers


    At Signify, we have always had a vital role to play in our most pioneering projects.


    With the expertise of our dynamic and forward-thinking group of horticultural engineering specialists, we were able to help APS Salads and Flavour Fresh Solfresh Group move from a 10-month crop growth cycle to all year round, using 100% LED lighting to increase the yield and quality of their tomatoes.


    APS Salads and its Wight Salads site, on the Isle of Wight, is now a leading supplier to many of the UK’s leading food retailers. The same can be said for Flavour Fresh, based in Southport, who are also a major UK salad producer – supplying leading supermarkets with Sweet Rosso, Piccolo, Santini and Tomkin varieties of tomatoes.

    It is a matter of great pride for us that we were the first choice for CambridgeHOK for LED lighting when they led the design and building of the Harvest London vertical farm in Leyton, retrofitting a former industrial unit with solid-state lighting (SSL) to grow a variety of herbs and leafy greens for use by top London restaurants.


    More recently, we worked closely with CambridgeHOK for the flowering lamps to aid winter production at Dyson Farming – the new multi-million pound indoor strawberry production facility in Lincolnshire.


    Having proven that LED lighting can be a game-changer for growers, we anticipate that there will be real excitement and investment interest from within the industry during the next five to 10 years.

    Practical and profitable innovations


    Patrick Harte, Joint Managing Director and Shareholder at CambridgeHOK, said: “All of the innovative projects we’ve worked on together with Signify during the last ten years are testament to how LED light can have a positive impact on production and profitability. Not only does it bring reliability in terms of yield and taste, it allows you to grow fruit and vegetables all year round. We know how keen growers are to remove the uncertainty caused by the weather. By working in partnership with us, growers benefit from unrivalled expertise and can feel assured their investing in technology which delivers a proven return. I’ve no doubt that the next decade of working in partnership with Signify will deliver solutions and ideas that are just as innovative.”


    The increase in our global population and the ongoing climate change are just two of the major challenges that will have a major impact on food production and horticulture in the 21st century.  Over the years, LED lighting has been growing into more popular solution for growers, as it has evolved over the years to meet their needs.  Partnerships like ours with CambridgeHOK are a perfect example of understanding the positive effect that light can have on plant growth and greenhouse management can be a key contributor to safeguard the steady supply of fruits

    About the author:

    Nathanael Dannenberg

    Nathanael Dannenberg


    Commercial Leader for Horticulture, Signify UK&I


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