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    Automated has over 20 years of commercial lighting control experience and is an expert in Philips Dynalite systems. From system design and supply to remote and on-site programming, Automated can service any Philips Dynalite installation.

    Other expertise includes testing and commissioning, network troubleshooting, hardware and software upgrades. Automated can also provide ongoing maintenance 24/7 call-out support services.
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    Platinum Certified System Integrator

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    Full range of Philips Dynalite services across market segments such as commercial buildings, offices, hotels, retail, restaurants, luxury apartments and more


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    The Designer Series at Eliza
    Sydney, Australia 

    Beautifully integrated into the rich architecture of Sydney's Elizabeth Street, these residences set a new benchmark in six-star luxury city living. The Eliza’s crowning glory is the jaw-dropping penthouse with 3.8m-high ceilings and state-of-the-art appliances, where the challenge was to incorporate sophisticated lighting and automation controls to complement the overall design ethos.

    • Intuitive, elegant and unobtrusive system with full functionality and flexibility
    • Flicker-free LED dimming and energy management
    • High levels of customization and integration with other building services

    Barangaroo Basement
    Sydney, Australia

    This large-scale project lies beneath Australia’s largest city and helps to power and protect a number of iconic buildings. It required a huge commitment and state-of-the-art lighting solutions using Philips Dynalite  technology, including Envision Manager software, with integration into an OBSI system.

    • Delivery of a connected and intuitive solution
    • 600 motion sensors, 25 Dali Universes and 240 Relay channels
    • 19 Dynet networks, 1,000 BacNet points and 2 IP gateways

    Newcastle Court House
    New South Wales, Australia

    This $94 million  facility was designed to be the most technologically advanced legal court complex in Australia outside of Sydney. It includes a specially-commissioned lighting control system which is designed to meet the customer’s requirements at different times of the working day.

    • Encompasses public area and office area, as well as scene control of all courtrooms
    • Makes event scheduling and scene setting possible
    • Allows for occupancy detection and adjustment of lighting levels
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