Philips Hue celebrates the vast possibilities of connected home lighting with over 200 apps

    December 4, 2014

    Open developer software makes unlimited ways to experience light possible



    Sydney, Australia – Philips Hue has become one of the world’s most versatile connected home lighting system following the creation of over 200 third-party apps that transform the way people experience and interact with light*. Last year Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, took the pioneering step of granting open access to Philips Hue software, and encouraging developers to find creative new ways of integrating digitised light into the home.


    Today, the number of third-party apps for Philips Hue connected home lighting system has passed the 200-mark globally, enabling people to experience light in new and innovative ways:


    • Movies and music are immersed into the living room through matching light to a scene or the beat of a song
    • Ambience at home can now reflect a personal mood or occasion through personalised light settings
    • Mornings are more energised thorough the gradual brightening of light to awake you
    • Staying connected to your friends and family is easier through ‘light notifications’ for incoming emails and social media updates


    "This milestone in apps confirms that Philips Hue has redefined the purpose of what light can do in people's homes," said Jeroen de Waal, General Manager of Connected Lighting for the Home at Philips Lighting. "Looking towards the future where many aspects of a home will be connected with Internet of Things, we are eager to continue leading the way in connected lighting for the home. With this in mind, we welcome further collaborations with developers to deliver the best possible lighting experience."


    Philips Hue sits at the centre of the Internet of Things and is a driving force in collaboration between like-minded innovative companies such as Apple and Logitech. Through partnerships such as these, Philips Hue will be able to communicate with appliances, heating, blinds and much more, delivering innovations that impact on people’s lives everyday.


    The diverse applications of Philips Hue are set to grow further still following the launch of a new, dedicated site for its active developer community. The new portal provides more information for developers to work with, including:

    • Articles and advice on how make the most of Philip Hue's open application programming interface  (API);
    • The latest Philips Hue API documentation and language rules for programming.


    David Pewzner, developer for popular app OnSwitch, said, "Philips Hue's open API has unlocked possibilities that were only previously available with expensive professional hardware. We're now able to give this professional functionality, and more, to consumers with each developer able to bring their own vision for connected lighting to the market. With every new app the consumer wins again, as they can get a different functionality to suit their needs."


    Philips Hue's developer platform makes it easy to create new applications and business models for light, and in November 2014 Philips Hue was awarded 'Top API for the Internet of Things' at the annual 'I Love APIs Conference'.




    * Use of product requires a Philips Hue starter kit sold separately and a smart device with iOS 4.3 or later or Android 2.2 or later. Use of product requires wireless internet connection. Third party data download, internet and subscription fees may apply.


    Notes to editors


    Popular third-party apps for Philips Hue


    Create the most immersive entertainment you could ever have at home
    Turn your room into a light effect for your TV with Huebilight, setting your lighting to mimic your favorite program or sporting event.


    Throw the best parties and add a new dimension to your music collection
    A variety of music-related apps allow you to mix your music with light and other visual effects to make your evening entertainment truly memorable for you and your guests. SplyceHue Party and Ambify are just a few of the apps that listen to your music and turn your living room into a light show, with options for special effects from a strobe to romantic flickering candle for those ballads.


    Give your home a seasonal makeover
    From Halloween to Christmas, seasonal apps can make entertaining more fun. Sound effects sync with your lighting to create the desired effect, from spooky to festive to New Year’s fireworks.


    Ambience creation
    Huedini helps you soothe stress and relax after a hard day’s work by slowly pulsing your lights up and down like a breath cycle, while apps like Espresso for Hue use smart themes inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth to generate subtle light combinations – and even makes them flow and change slowly over time if you want.

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