Philips Dynalite launches GRMSPLUS: ambience and integration for hotel rooms

    September 12, 2013



    Sydney, Australia - Philips Dynalite has launched the latest element of its new Guest Room Management System, GRMSPLUS, which complements the existing GRMS10 solution designed to meet the needs of the mid-range hotel room automation market.  


    GRMSPLUS focuses on energy management, automation and occupancy comfort and is targeted squarely at high-end hotel room applications.


    Like GRMS10, GRMSPLUS offers out-of-the-box functionality designed specifically for the hospitality segment, and delivers cost-savings to the end-user through the minimisation of hardware and costly commissioning requirements, as well as through optimised operational expenses.


    The DDMC-GRMSPLUS can also be considered for more than hotel room applications. This dedicated and compact controller will also bode well towards the control of boardroom, classroom or residential apartment applications.


    Philips Dynalite Global Product Manager, Daniel Walker, explained the differences between the two solutions. "Where GRMS10 is a standalone switching unit, which is capable of receiving dry-contact inputs from traditional pushbutton panels, GRMSPLUS is designed to integrate with a hotel’s Building Management System (BMS) and make use of network user interfaces" he said. "This facilitates remote monitoring and control of the lighting and automation systems within the hotel room."


    Based around the very successful architecture of the DDMC802 Multipurpose Controller, GRMSPLUS has actually been completely redesigned for hotel room applications. The result is the DDMC-GRMSPLUS Controller, which incorporates five dimming channels and an additional three relay channels for non-dimmed lighting groups. It further includes a power relay channel for isolating power outlets to eliminate standby current consumption, two directional motor controls for blinds or privacy screens and a DMX output to support color-changing lights.


    The DDMC-GRMSPLUS Controller also features two Dynet communication ports—one to communicate with the control panels or other network devices within the room and the second to integrate with the BMS. "The unit can be preconfigured in the factory for a project’s particular requirements, which means installation is a simple plug-and-play operation with no need for onsite commissioning," said Walker. "An accessible dipswitch package allows the installer to allocate the room number so that it can be identified by the BMS."


    This design effectively enables updates on demand regarding the status of the room—such as ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Make Up Room’—and also enables lighting scenes and room temperature to be set remotely to welcome the guest with the perfect ambience. Moreover, the BMS integration enables the room controls to be integrated with fire alarm systems in the hotel.


    GRMSPLUS uses Antumbra panels as its default user interface, offering a distinctive and opulent edge at an extremely competitive price point. "With the network abilities of GRMSPLUS, Dynalite can now offer a complete control package to hotels, including public areas and guest rooms—all controlled through a single system," said Walker. "We have already sold GRMSPLUS for a new hotel development in Poland and now look forward to increased involvement with a new generation of hotel projects that utilize a single Dynalite platform, to meet all lighting and automation control needs throughout the project area."


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    GRMSPLUS is designed to network with a hotel’s BMS, thereby facilitating remote monitoring and control of the lighting and automation systems within the hotel room.



    The new DDMC-GRMSPLUS Controller is based on the very successful architecture of the DDMC802 Multipurpose Controller, but has actually been completely redesigned for hotel room applications.



    The DDMC-GRMSPLUS Controller incorporates five dimming channels, three relay channels, a power relay channel, two directional motor controls and a DMX output to support color changing lights.

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