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    Intermark Sistemi was founded in 1972 as an engineering company with the mission to realize electronic systems. Today, it’s a distributor of world-famous brands in control systems, and provides pre and post sales, consulting and training services. Intermark Sistemi is headquartered in Rome, with commercial offices in Milan and Tuscany.

    Main applications include auditorium, conference rooms, operations centers, offices and hotels. Intermark Sistemi also has experience with shops, museums, theme parks, residential properties, yachts.
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    Certified Value Added Partner

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    Indoor controls, home, hospitality, office and retail lighting


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Campus Biomedico
    Rome, Italy

    This prestigious private bio-medical campus is divided into nine 200-seat classrooms and a further two classrooms with up to 60 seats. There is also a large 1,000-seat auditorium, which can be divided into two. Energy-efficient, controllable lighting plays an important role in aiding comfort in class, by allowing people to choose settings and scenes that are tailored to specific circumstances.

    • Dynalite control system manages all the lighting fittings via DALI protocol
    • Reliable and simple for use by technical staff and teachers
    • Achieves energy savings within a large-scale building

    Hotel Sheraton
    Rome, Italy

    The Sheraton Hotel is one of the leading convention centers in the Rome area. This design project was focused on 12 meeting rooms, three restaurants and three halls, as well as the entrance lobby, bar and eight modular rooms. We aimed to provide both customers and hotel staff with a lighting system that was easy to use and control.

    • System with different levels of access
    • Flexibility of programming environment allows for different levels of interactivity
    • Different scenarios retrieved at the push of a button via touch panel or keypad

    Private House
    Rome, Italy

    In a luxury private home, customers will often take a particular interest in top-of-the-range lighting systems and make specific requests for energy saving and ease of use. In this stylish property in the Italian capital, we created an environment where it was possible to have different day and night-time scenarios and integration with heating, ventilation and aircon systems.

    • Use of light and presence sensors with dimming
    • Flexible Dynalite system allowed for adaptation to the property
    • Visualization of air-conditioning system
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