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    Livingprojects believes in experience. Its talented team of designers, technicians and engineers helps customers to distinguish themselves with the perfect combination of light, sound, image, smell and control.

    Livingprojects designs, engineers, installs and programs lighting solutions to create the ‘WOW effect.’ The result: maximum appearance, higher visitor numbers, distinctive character, increased sales and positive customer experiences.
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    Gold Certified System Integrator

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    Architectural and entertainment lighting


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Fletcher Hotel
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The brand new lighting installation at 60m-high Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam immediately catches the eye of motorists on the nearby highway and is visible for miles around. A fitting and impressive landmark for the ‘Venice of the North’, it features an architectural façade of 80 Color Kinetics LED luminaires.

    • Blue colorings and shaded fittings provide a prominent outer shell
    • Creative light that is both environmentally sustainable and energy efficient
    • Makes use of Color Kinectics eW Graze luminaires

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Amsterdam ArenA hosted the premiere of Sensation ‘Into the Wild’, in which ecstatic music fans were stunned by 300 light lianas , comprising custom-made LED strings. The whole experience was designed with travel in mind, as the show has since been transported right around the world, taking audiences into the heart of the jungle.

    • Strings made from 9-meter iColor Flex SLX
    • LEDs placed at varying distances from each other to ensure a natural look
    • As many as 50,000 DMX channels to allow lighting controls talk to LEDs
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    A Signify and Livingprojects collaboration

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