Our partners

    Providing solar lighting for rural schools in Pakistan.
    Lighting up selected strategic communal areas to support health, education, economic, and social development in favela Paraisópolis.
    Providing solar lighting as humanitarian aid to communities affected by the earthquake.
    Providing solar lanterns to light up toilets that built in villages as part of a larger program.
    Solar lighting libraries in rural Uganda to enable students to study at home after sunset.
    Solar lighting for communities in Kandal and Battambang regions in Cambodia and Lesotho.
    Support last mile vocational training for the solar industry, with trainings in technical, sales and soft skills.
    Community light centers to bring light and livelihood opportunities for refugees in Rhino camp in Uganda.
    Access to capital for funding inventory for small scale lighting entrepreneurs in Uganda.
    Supporting Acumen’s Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative to build the off-grid energy sector and bring power to 8 million people by 2026.
    Supporting solar entrepreneurs to have access to loans facilitated through the KIVA crowd lending platform.
    Improving learning conditions for schools located in underserved communities by improving lighting conditions in classrooms.
    Supporting business and technical training provided to rural women by providing them with working capital to bridge the finance gap in their attempt to become solar entrepreneurs.
    Providing rural Tanzanian women access to clean technology while also bringing access to light to families in the Maasai areas through the solar lighting library program.
    Supporting Solar Aid’s sales agent training program in Zambia, as well as its market catalyst activities, to bring access to light to the local communities.
    Supporting Enlight Solar Academy to provide people in rural Uganda with technical and enterprise skills training to help place them in the solar last mile distribution or service network.
    Support village level lighting entrepreneurs to help increase adoption of solar based lighting solutions by last mile communities.
    Partnering with BRAC across multiple geographies to create livelihood opportunities for women within the clean technology sector.
    Co-create local solutions for solar waste management in India and Africa
    Lighting up families of school students in rural Philippines with solar technology to enable students to study and play after sunset.
    Providing LED lighting to NPH homes. An effort aimed to reduce local energy bills while also enhancing security and comfort for homeless & underserved children.
    Replicating the solar lighting library model in 15-20 schools in rural Luzon, Philippines
    Improving lighting conditions for 5 public schools located in vulnerable & underprivileged areas in Yucatán, Michoacán and Mexico City.
    Supporting Fenix in conducting a pilot project to expand access to solar technology in rural households.
    Supporting the creation of a technical training program for BN Vocational School. A curriculum of 100 training hours of training will be created and piloted on the first batch of 1000 students.
    Strengthening and expanding the distribution channel of Little Sun in Senegal.
    Building technical assistance and after-sale support capacity for Rural Spark and its local distribution partners.
    Enabling the distribution of solar-powered lighting equipment that generates income for small business holders in coastal fishing communities in Tanzania.
    Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.

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