The European Green Deal sets the ambitious target to achieve a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, reconciling the economy and the way we consume resources with the planet and ensuring that nobody is left behind.

 Signify created the Green Switch program aligned with the broad roadmap set by the Green Deal. This program is designed to support business owners, municipalities, manufacturers, agriculturalists, utility, or service providers to start participating—now—in the Green Deal’s ambition to cut emissions, create jobs, and boost innovation. LED and connected lighting offer one of the simplest and most often overlooked paths to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. IoT capabilities, built on top of the connected lighting infrastructure, can help make the smart future a reality today, spurring job creation and driving prosperity.


Through NEMA and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, we contributed to the “Build Back Better” economic recovery planning in the USA leading to the encouraging approval of the American Infrastructure and Jobs Act in November 2021.


Bold climate action is needed, and it’s needed now. Signify’s program towards government stimuli provides many ways to contribute to these initiatives quickly and conveniently.


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