We believe that it is of strategic importance that our Board of Management and our Supervisory Board are composed in line with Dutch and international corporate governance best practices, and that they have the expertise needed for a good understanding current affairs and longer-term risks and opportunities related to the company’s business, taking into account our objectives that promote diversity at board level.


When assessing the composition and size of our boards,  the nature and complexity of the company’s business and our strategic and business objectives are taken into account, as well as the social and business environment context in which the company operates.  


The composition of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board follows the boards profile which aims for an appropriate combination of knowledge and experience among its members, encompassing industrial, technology & innovation, projects & infrastructure, digital & marketing, financial, economic, IT, social & sustainability aspects of international business and society, in relation to the global character of its business. The size of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board may vary over time, as considered appropriate to support its profile.


The composition of the Supervisory Board shall be in accordance with the best practice provisions on independence of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code as well as Dutch law restrictions on the overall number of supervisory positions that a member of the Supervisory Board may hold. Each member shall be capable of assessing the broad outline of the overall management of the company.


We attach great importance to diversity and it is our ambition to increase the diversity of Signify’s entire workforce to better mirror our stakeholders and markets.  We believe that this will positively impact the company’s business performance in all countries we do business.  In view of the above,  we  aim  that the  Board  of  Management  and the  Supervisory  Board  comprise  members that  bring  a  diversity  of  skills  and expertise  relevant  for  achieving  our  strategic  and business  objectives, different  views  and  perspectives  as  well as  different  backgrounds  (nationality,  educational,  working experience  or  otherwise),  and  that  at  least  30%  are  men  and  at  least  30%  are  women.


The selection of candidates for  appointment  to the  Board  of  Management  and  the  Supervisory  Board  will be  based on  merit,  taking  into account  the  above  profile  as  well  as  our diversity  objectives.


The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board meet the company’s gender diversity objectives.