Given the company’s capital position while maintaining a compatible investment-grade profile, Signify plans to return additional capital to shareholders. For 2018, the company intends to repurchase shares for an amount of up to EUR 300 million, in the open market and by participating in potential share disposals by its main shareholder. In July 2018, Signify announced the start of the share repurchase program to buy back up to EUR 230 million of its own shares to reduce the company’s capital. In February 2018, Signify repurchased 2.2 million of its shares for an aggregate amount of EUR 71 million. These shares were cancelled in May 2018. In 2017, Signify repurchased 9.8 million shares from Royal Philips for an aggregate amount of EUR 272 million. These shares were cancelled. The press releases and other information related to our share repurchases can be found on our share repurchases page.