Coronavirus FAQ for Supplier Portal

    Everywhere in the world the coronavirus (COVID-19) has created an unprecedented situation. We continue to take all necessary measures to help protect our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and the people around us. Our thoughts are with those who are impacted.

    Our global response has been a strong commitment to help contain the spread of the virus. Since early January, we implemented many preventive and protective measures to safeguard our employees and the people around us, while adhering to local regulations.

    We have established global and regional teams to monitor and assess the situation daily and deploy plans to minimize the impact on our business and service to our customers. These teams have been on top of the situation since the start, involving all aspects of the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturing, logistics and transportation. We are keeping close contact with our customers to get insights on their current and future demand.

    The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and the people around us, is and remains our number one priority.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What preparations have been put in place to mitigate impact in the supply chain?
    We have established global and regional teams to monitor and assess the situation daily and deploy plans to minimize the impact on our business and service to our customers. With that, we also aim to limit business impact for you as supplier.
    Do I need to inform Signify in case of any capacity issues or other supply disruptions at my end?
    Yes. In case of any disruptions we expect you to inform us as soon as possible. This will allow us to be transparent and realistic towards our customers, which is in the interest for all parties involved
    Can Signify support me in case I am forced to shut down by local authorities?

    In several countries, authorities are shutting down all ‘non-essential operations’. Signify respects and complies with local measures to reduce the risk of corona infections and expects likewise from its suppliers.

    Signify provides lighting services, solutions and products that illuminate critical infrastructure and locations, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, government facilities, military bases, roadways, laboratories, airports, universities, groceries and other essential facilities. Furthermore,  and very importantly, in stressful times light can help comfort people, make them feel safe and contribute to their well-being. Accordingly, Signify believes that lighting is an essential good. Companies that supply to lighting business should then also be seen as essential.

    If you are faced with a shutdown order, but can request for an exemption as essential operation, contact your Signify business partner. We might be able to support you by underpinning such exemption request to local authorities.

    What is the business outlook for us? Will Signify cancel open orders?

    The spread of the coronavirus and its effects have a significant impact on the world’s economy, including the lighting businesses. Customers are adjusting order positions which influences our volume outlook for the upcoming months. Therefore, our actual orders and forecasts to you may need to be adjusted, due to the current circumstances that are beyond our control.

    Our volume outlook is currently very fluid. The depth and duration of the corona impact varies per region and per business line. Our procurement teams will reach out to you, to share our latest views and discuss possibilities to adjust to these changing situations.

    What measures is Signify taking to deal with the expected dip in business volume?

    During these uncertain times, companies are taking measures in view of business continuity. Accordingly, we need to adapt our organisation to the current market circumstances.

    Signify is taking measures to adjust cost levels during this corona situation. We decided to withdraw our dividend proposal, significantly curtailed our indirect material spend, ask all employees to move to a flexible 20% working reduction arrangement in Q2 and instituted an external hiring freeze.

    Can I visit Signify offices, manufacturing or development sites?
    In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, we want to limit face to face contacts as much as possible. If you must visit a Signify site, connect with your regular contact first. Be aware that several Signify sites and officed are closed. Sites that are open, have specific security protocols for visitors, contractors and supplier staff which you need to adhere to.
    Are there any specific measures required when shipping goods to Signify
    There are no specific measures required to pack or ship goods to Signify. Signify does have a security protocol to receive truck drivers on site, aiming to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.