The power
    of sun(light)

    Watch this webinar to learn how solar street lighting can achieve up to 100% energy saving when used in an offgrid application.
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    the power of sunlight

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    Remaining questions answered

    Key topics and learnings


    Did you know that more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy production and use? In order to achieve the targets set out in the EU Green Deal, and to improve the lives of people across the globe, it’s so important that we embrace clean energy. The adoption of solar powered and solar hybrid streetlighting in our cities will help to reduce emissions and accelerate the scale of renewables.

    Solar energy is renewable, free, and available everywhere on the planet. Solar technology can help more people access cheap, portable, and clean power, that it needs low maintenance.

    Solar street lighting can decrease energy consumption by up to 100% compared to a conventional solution in case of off-grid systems.


    Let us inspire you by sharing some wonderful projects coming from different places in the world.


    How we, together can create a brighter lives and a better world.


    Learning objectives:


    • Gain more knowledge of solar technology and it’s advantages
    • Design-in considerations for solar street lighting
    • Be Inspired by some projects and takeaway
    • Get a better understanding about the benefits of solar street lighting vs sustainability (energy efficiency, clean energy, reduce emissions)

    Presented by


    K. R. Ajay,

    Product manager,


    Maurice Loosschilder,
    Global Head of Sustainability



    Ajay is a seasoned product manager with over 20 years of experience in the Lighting industry in Asia and Europe regions. He had an opportunity to have worked within this industry as the technology changed from conventional to electronics, to LED to connected lighting and now to solar lighting, leading cross-functional teams to develop and launch several successful products in Philips / signify over the years.


    Ajay has a passion for understanding customer needs and translating them into product features that drive business growth. He is also a mentor to aspiring product managers and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. In his free time, Ajay enjoys traveling, and spending time with his family.



    Maurice Loosschilder is the Global Head of Sustainability at Signify. Striving for a more sustainable future by making a difference and driving change, he leads the global sustainability team and function. Maurice is responsible for the creation and execution of Signify’s ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ programs, which are leading sustainability programs with ambitious commitments to improve Signify’s positive impact on the environment and society. 


    With more than 22 years of experience in the lighting industry, he always worked for Philips and Signify. Prior to his current role, Maurice held the position of Head of Sustainability Strategy and Reporting. Before that, as Director Collection and Recycling, he was an international board member in the Supervisory Boards of four E-waste collection and recycling organizations across Europe. 


    Before Maurice transitioned into the sustainability department, he held several roles in pricing and started his career in IT program management. 


    Maurice graduated Cum Laude from the Technical University of Eindhoven and holds a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2019, he completed the Executive Leadership and Transformation Program at Harvard Business School Executive Education.

    Question and answers


    Q1. Please specify the battery type and size used.

    Answer. We have wide range of battery size from 12Ah to 150Ah in both gel and LFP (Lithium fero phosphate) battery chemistry, we select the right size and type based on the application and location.


    Q2. About the recharging time of the batteries of solar fixtures. How long do you think the product can wait until its first use? What is the time interval for recharging?

    Answer. The batteries are shipped with <70% of charge due to transportation regulation from our factories and it can be stored upto 6months depending on the storage temperature. If the product is stored for more than 6 months it needs to exposed to sun for 1-2 days or if it is stored for very long time then need external charger to wake up the batteries


    Q3. Did u say Lithium Ferophosphate battery ?

    Answer. Yes LFP is Lithium Fero phosphate batteries.


    Q4. What is average life of the solar panels? How important is use a good led driver as part of the system?

    Answer. Average life of solar panels is 20 to 25 years. In solar we don’t use separate LED driver but this function in integrated inside the combo charge controller design and developed by signify.

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    Sustainable lighting


    Solar is widely considered to be the most effective form of renewable energy, and the technology is advancing every day. 

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