Horticulture LED Lighting

    Watch this light bite series on Horticulture LED lighting: growth like never before.


    In this Light Bite sequence, you will learn about the current status of LED technology in horticulture and what lighting innovation can do for growers’ business prospects.

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    Presented by

    Thijs van den Bergh

    Thijs van den Bergh

    Plant Specialist CityFarming at Philips Horticulture

    Roel Janssen
    Ries Neuteboom

    Account manager Europe at Philips Horticulture
    Jasper den Besten

    Jasper den Besten

    Senior lecturer at HAS University of Applied science. He teaches in the subjects of glasshouse vegetables and plant breeding.

    Ries Neuteboom

    Roel Janssen

     ‎Program Manager GrowWise City Farming Solutions at Philips Horticulture LED Solutions

    Key topics and learnings

    The world’s population growth and ongoing climate change are just two of the challenges that will have a major impact on food production and horticulture in the 21st century. A new scientific understanding of the effects of light on plant growth and greenhouse management can be a key contributor to safeguarding a steady supply of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


    In this Light Bite series ‘Horticulture LED lighting: growth like never before’, you will discover how light forms an integral part of plant growth and how new technologies and insights are opening up innovative solutions to the challenges that horticulture will face in the future.


    · Part 1: Plants and lighting - available online

    We will talk about how plants “see” light and how different aspects of a light recipe (like color, daily light integral and intensity) can help to optimize horticultural lighting for plant growth.


    · Part 2: Lighting in greenhouses - available online

    We will discuss the current status of LED lighting in greenhouses and how it adds value for growers in business cases calculations, as well as promoting plant growth in vegetables, fruits and flowers.


    · Part 3: Growing without daylight - available online

    We will explain how implementing the perfect light conditions and controlling other climatic factors can take horticulture to another level, where daylight is no longer required for optimal plant growth.

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