Going round in circles

    Attend this webinar to understand the systems-perspective needed for the transition to a circular economy.
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    Live on Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

    4:00 PM CET

    Key topics and learnings


    Product design has significant effect on the environmental impact during manufacturing, use, and disposal of products. Design for a circular economy aims for extending the performance and value of products and materials through prolonged use, reuse, repair, refurbishment, and recycling. Often this implies designing products for multiple life cycles. Interesting new business proposition can be generated by coupling this to the development of circular business models that enable value retention.


    Learning objectives:


    • The systems-perspective needed for the transition to a circular economy
    • How design can contribute to a circular & sustainable economy
    • How new technologies might enable circular propositions


    Presented by


    Ruud Balkenende

    Professor of Circular Product Design,

    Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,

    TU Delft University




    Ruud Balkenende is professor of Circular Product Design at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft. He joined the university in 2015 after 25 years at Philips Research. His research and teaching focus on Design for a Circular Economy, emphasising the importance of recovery of products and materials, if possible through maintaining the performance and value of products over multiple use cycles. In design this brings about the need for strategic thinking and a long time horizon.

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