Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers on UV-C: A future beyond COVID-19

    NEOM projects will be more on innovations. Is UV-C ready to be applied in the current Electrical & Ventilation Designs say here in NEOM Projects? And as a follow up can you share some product catalogs related to UV-C?
    As we have little knowledge about the NEOM products, it is difficult to answer this. Generally, our products are ready to be used in all settings
    What effect do the closed UV-C have on odours present in the air?
    The units are targeting virus disinfection, not per se the removal of odors.
    How do you determine the number of fixtures needed in a space?
    We have models that can calculate the fluence in a room, and from these models, the required number of fixtures can be derived
    Please provide links or copy of material that can help to understand what goverments or academic institutions have endorsed Signify UVC solutions
    Yes, provided that ceiling height and reflectivity of materials allow for this. [For the business to follow up with this person?
    Can you use your fixtures in a factory?
    The viability gap for hybrid system is reducing faster due to reduction in battery and panel prices year on year. However, from sustainability point of view, hybrid is an ideal solution as this  gives required lumen output (currently upto 24000 lumen) without chances of blackout, runs primarily from green energy and saves grid power to a large extent.
    What are the environmental concerns of putting so much Mercury in the products? Is it mandatory for users to recycle? Is Philips looking for a LED solution in near future?
    Mercury levels are very low, and these products are exempted from e.g. EU RoHS regulations. Today there is no LED alternative available that comes anywhere near in performance.
    Thinking of uvc in public spaces like restaurant od schools, do you have any reactions back from customers feeling uncomfortable regarding UVC radiation? I personally understand safety measures, but what about people unfamiliar with technical terms?
    We will often indeed need to explain safety measures, and the research done in this field.
    Is there a way to calculate Air Change in a particular room? or is there an equipment to show how many air change in a particular room?
    Based on product specifications and room geometries, ACH (or eqACH) can be calculated using dedicated software tools.
    Do UV resistant light fixture need to be used in areas where UV-C systems are located?
    Generally, this is not necessary
    Is there a comparison between Upper Air solutions vs HVAC in terms of efficiency?
    According to the models as presented in the presentation, upper-air can perform up to a factor 10, 20 or 30 more efficiently (i.e. reduce pathogens 10 times faster). Obviously, the comparison depends on how good the HVAC system is (some can actually achieve higher ACH as well), and on the conditions needed for upper air deployment (incl. high enough ceiling).
    How come uvc is different from phillips air purifier?
    In air purifiers, UV-C may or may not be used. Signify, and also Philips, as separate companies, have varying air purifying products.
    For the example cases was any investigation done eliminating potential exposure from other sources pre or post described event?
    There are many more cases like these example cases. These were early cases, when infection numbers were overall not that high. Maybe for a few individuals in these cases, other forms of exposure could also have led to the infection, but for the most part, it is extremely likely that these were superspreading events indeed. Please also refer to the listed articles.
    What is the uv suceptibility constant used in these examples?
    See slide 31 for the k-value for SARS-CoV-2
    What is the minimum ceiling hight? Impact of suspended vs flush mount light fixtures or other ceiling mountede devices?
    Our luminaires are being mounted at a minimum height of 2.3m. So taking the height of the luminaire into account plus some distance from the ceiling, minimum ceiling height is around 2.6m. Regulations in USA are different, there minimum height for our luminaires is 2.7m. Not sure what is meant with the second part of the question
    Are UV-C lamps UL 2998 certified? UV-C in AHUs?
    Presently our UV-C solutions for AHUs are not UL certified, but they will be in the coming months.
    How can we recognize quality UVC equipment?
    We would recommend to stay with reputable brands
    oes Signify Provide any Certification to professionals working on UV-C technology?
    Signify offers courses for professionals and once successfully passing the test a certificate of completion can be obtained. We do not certify installers or distributors as such.
    How does Upper Air UVC compare to an In HVAC installation when talking about equivalent ACH?
     According to the models as presented in the presentation, upper-air can perform up to a factor 10, 20 or 30 more efficiently (i.e. reduce pathogens 10 times faster). Obviously, this depends on how good the HVAC system is, and on the conditions needed for upper air deployment (incl. high enough ceiling).
    How can we be sure that radiation leakage is not happening in Upper air UVC?
    Installations need to be measured after installation to ensure that irradiation limits are not exceeded.