Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers on Artificial Lighting webinar

    How important is a good diffusor in future and existing light (wall and ceiling) solutions?
    It is not only about one component, it is the lighting fixture as a holistic tool.
    Do you think Bluetooth lighting controls will become prevalent in architectural lighting or will DMX dominate for a period of time?
    Both technologies have their pro and cons and stay relevant at this time.
    Is it a good revolution to move toward Organic LED in up come Futures?
    We are ready to embrace reliable lighting design tools.
    Do we actually need connected IOT lighting - i.e. subject to crashes, bugs, upgrades etc?
    Yes, compare it with your phone, which in former times was only for calling people. It now offers exciting and creative tools. Ask yourself what percentage of your use is nowadays just calling.
    What is the impact on sustainability?
    It is a must and base of design.
    Do you consider simulation as part of the virtual world/digital twin?
    In general, yes. But as a lighting designer it is a tool. 
    Do you think is necessary for the light to mimic the natural light, or is better to include natural light?
    Both concepts are indeed important. In relation to the setting of the space these can merge in a dialogue that creates a place to be remembered.
    Could you point us to some of the European regulations to service or sell lighting devices involving microcontrollers, leds, soldering and custom software?

    Please check webpage of EU regulations

    Which of all the design soft wares do you use?
    The one that fits the design task.
    What basic equipment is needed for a lighting designer to see Visual Reality?
    Love it -visual reality- eyes 😊
    What is the potential of artificial lighting in India? What is the means role of the same in developing countries where basic lighting is itself costly?
    This is on its own a whole topic and worth to bring it in a separate webinar.
    What about talking lights? (e.g. if security light is activated by intruder, then the light plays recorded messages )
    Interesting approach, haven’t used it in any project yet.
    How far from the holodeck as we see it is in the starship Enterprise?
    Check Fraunhofer ISS
    What are the lighting standards?
    Do you have any experience with planetariums regarding with the paint covering of the internal surface of projection and LD?