Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers on A Fine Dining Experience webinar

    What control system did you use and did you worry too much about the color rendering index of the lights­?
    We used a system that utilised the Bluetooth Mesh technology to control the lights wirelessly. Yes, colour rendering was a key consideration  in the selection of lighting equipment.
    How would you deal with a difficult client when you first start your LD consulting firm­?
    I believe, communication and empathy is the key. If parties can come to a common ground and understand eachothers’ perspectives they can work better together. The onus is often on the consultant to make the effort to establish clear and positive lines of communication first and foremost.
    Does it require Software Simulation prior to lighting design­?
    Software simulation is a tool, amongst many other tools, and is not a way to do lighting design or a pri-step to designing lighting. The idea should drive the process…
    What are advantages or disadvantages of a lighting designer that also acts as the consultant­?
    To run a successful business in today’s business climate, I believe a lighting designer has to act as a good consultant. (Please be clear about how I defined and used these words in my presentation.)
    In your experience, what is the most challenging aspect when providing lighting design services?­
    Relating to the user experience and catering it in the most feasible way. This is also what makes a project successful I believe.
    What do you think, LED technology is more about Meat-eaters or Vegans?
    Ha ha..! Veganism is the future.
    ­For a young designer can you suggest what the lighting budget of a project should be? And how about the fee structure?
    This answer to this question requires many parameters to be studied carefully. As is the case for pricing about anything in any market… What’s the price of an apple? Depends on where and when you sell it, who are the customers, how many customers there are, how many others are selling apples, how different is your apple compared to others and so on…
    If money was no object, can you give some examples of the type of lighting experiences?­
    The sunrise, the sunset.
    What is the UGR and CRI for the best design?
    It depends…
    What is more important inspiration or technique?
    They have to go hand in hand. You can hardly inspire without getting things technically right, and without inspiration technique hardly can be of value.
    Is it a new fashion to have less light in a Restaurant now to give a more dramatic feel? Because I experienced, the Restaurant and the setting was amazing but could not even see what I was eating?
    I am unaware of such “fashion”, maybe they need advice from a good lighting designer consultant. That having said, it can be considered positive if a restaurant atmosphere is enhanced using darkness as much as light, to create accents and support a better experience.
    How important do you believe that a master’s degree in lighting can help a person experienced in lighting to start a career as a lighting designer/consultant? Or is it necessary?­
    I believe it is a very good step in a lighting career, even though I recognise there may always be other ways to success.