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    Domus Side Arm Mount (DMS55)

    Domus - simplicity, refinement, and elegance in a series of luminaires

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    Domus Side Arm Mount (DMS55)
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        Harmonizing beautifully with virtually any urban setting, the Domus luminaires are representative of the new generation of lighting units. The Domus, Domus 55, and Domus Small are LED luminaires that have undeniable charm. Simplicity, refinement, and elegance, all fuse together to create harmonious beauty through designed equilibrium. Whereas the Domus is a street and public area luminaire, the Domus 55 is well suited for boulevards and parking lots because it is built with high performance optics and has the capacity to receive high wattages. You could install the Domus 55 in a parking lot, and the Domus Small along the paths leading from that parking lot to the building, creating a subtly refined design that balances shape, dimension and proportion. The Domus, Domus 55, and Domus Small are all designed to complement each other and bring balance to any environment.


        Maintains excellent performance in the most demanding of environments
        Reduced glare
        Exceptional performance and cut-off
        Dark-sky friendly
        Ensures safe and easy maintenance


        Constructed from top-quality materials
        IP66 Smartseal optical system
        Optical chambers use a unique combination of reflectors and internal prism refractor
        SG optics provide full cut-off in five distributions
        Easy access to internal components


        Road and Street
        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
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